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  1. Are they gonna change any of the graphics, backgrounds, cutscenes etc or just upscale the resolution and put a new control scheme in? I personally would love some truely updated graphics if they keep the spirit of the original
  2. I'd imagine they'd be about as happy as DF would be about 2PP releasing Broken Age for free to promote their documentary.
  3. I think it would be smart for them to release the documentary for free. I cant imagine anybody who watched the documentary not wanting to try out the game. I dont have enough faith in humanity not to foresee hundreds of threads of Backers crying about it and also 2playerproductions might not be so happy about it Still i think it would be a brillant move although it probably will never happen.
  4. i really hope youre joking... Get a grip on reality, just because you make a thread where you compile ALL the negative things you could find on the forum (why would you do that?) you expect Tim Schäfer to personally respond to all that? Are you an only child? If you really are so eager to find out what Tim has to say to the launch of the game etc.. maybe wait for the next episode of the documentary, im sure theyll talk about a lot of that stuff.
  5. 1.) Ok, maybe a bit too easy but i much prefer an adventure being a bit too easy than ridiculous unlogical nonsense which can only be solved by trial and error. (most old school adventures were a bit like that, even some of the lucas arts classics) 2.) Lenght: i agree, i wish it was a bit longer. 3.) What is wrong with simple controls?! Controls in this game are pretty much perfect. 4.) I remember the thread about DRM and it was started by a bunch of anti Steam hippies or trolls, either way best to ignore it. 5.) Tim Schäfer doesnt owe you an explanation, he and Double Fine delivered an amazing first half of a game and took part in an awesome documentary about the developement of the game.
  6. Sorry, is there an android version already? i got the steam beta key, how do I play it on tablet? i would love to play it on tablet, do i have to buy another version?
  7. I have win 8.1, Phenom 955 quad 3.2 ghz, 6 gb ram, 560ti. When i drag an item from my inventory over to the main screen the game drops down to 4 fps (i measured with fraps). When i let the item go it goes back to 60 fps.
  8. Oh boy this is driving me nuts, i contacted double fine support and humble bundle support but i just know that i wont get anything out of that itll just be burried under thousands of other requests and im stuck without my key, guys please tell me how to handle this, im losing my mind aaaaaaaa Nevermind, a nice guy named Patrick over at Humble Bundle Support got it all sorted for me and now im downloading it Shoutout to Patrick for being awesome!
  9. Me neither, help me Double Fine please im dying in anticipation Im also a slacker backer but not via humble bundle but via the website.
  10. Maybe i didnt get the key because i backed with my old emai adress under web.de. just yesterday i changed my double fine account to gmx, so maybe the key went to my old emai adress? if so, does anybody know what i can do? im a slacker backer. I dont have my old email password anymore and cant get a new one.
  11. I still dont have it :( I tried the resend key on humble bundle, claim past purchases, refreshing my email and my spam folder every 2 seconds, still no luck Im a slacker backer but not via the humble bundle, so i hope i will get the key soon otherwise im gonna be really sad
  12. These few Anti-Steam trolls here remind me of those kids that nobody liked in elementary school, so their parents forced other kids to invite them to their birthday party and when they get there they complain about everything and try to ruin the party for everyone. Guys like this cant handle it if everything isnt about them so they cry and bitch until everybody looks at them. I wish Double Fine could fire these backers because they give us normal backers here a bad name
  13. im also a slacker backer and i didnt get an email and i also cant see the game on my humble page or claim past purchases. I changed my double fine Email yesterday because i noticed it was still using my old email where i lost my password. Did all you other backers already get an Email or can see it on your humble page? Im panicing a bit, help me out lol
  14. its just a bunch of self-obsessed hippies who dont know whats important in the world and what isnt...
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