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  1. I, too, can confirm that the achievements unlocked for me. It took a few times of closing the app and opening it again for it to register.
  2. An update over 50 MB? Sheesh, don't see that often!
  3. Any word on when the bug fixes will be approved and released?
  4. I've noticed a similar problem. I haven't figured out why it is happening, but perhaps what you found is the same issue for me. I will make my hero selections, but sometimes one will be unselected.
  5. Were you offline? Later on you might find that it has been unlocked. I fixed a bug where achievements weren't being unlocked when offline and never unlocked. Now it tries to unlock later. Thanks for the reply. I was online the whole time (on an iPad 3rd gen connected to Wi-Fi), so I'm not sure what happened. I will continue to play on and let you know what happens. How long should I reasonably need to leave to it to allow for unlocking in the way you describe? I PM'ed DF Kee yesterday about the lack of new achievements in the newest update. He replied with the following: So I imagine that the achievements won't pop until the newest update rolls out.
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