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    I came here to... err... something with bubblegum?
  1. My opinion is also to make it public. And perhaps not read-only? Maybe the non-backers want to comment? There's potential for interesting discussions.
  2. Yes, please share the documentary! It's a good way to teach people how complicated and difficult game development can be. Also it was helpful in understanding why Broken Age got delayed and was released in two parts. You have my blessing.
  3. Is this Renaud B├ędard at 12:09? (He's the programmer behind the wonderful FEZ and was featured in Indie Game: The Movie.)
  4. Yeah, the VGX were pretty terrible, but Broken Age was of many highlights for me (Telltale! More from Quantum Break! No Man's Sky blew everyone's mind!). The cast for DFA just keeps getting better and better. <3
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