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  1. Sounds great. That's exactly what I came here to find out. When act 2 is out I can finally watch all the remaining episodes of the documentary and play the game as originally intended. I can't wait. Merry christmas!
  2. It doesn't seem possible to re-map your buttons in the PS3 version of the game. Either way it's great to know that there's an update in the works.
  3. Might you be using an Asian PS3 by any chance? Refer to this page (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/8427/P150/) for people with the same problem. That makes 4 of us so far. I do have a Japanese PS3, and I doubt that it's a coincidence that we all get this bug. You'd think it might be related to the reversed function of O and X, but The Cave changes the buttons to a unified setup regardless of console region. I suppose it might still be related... but yeah.
  4. For some reason it is not possible to jump off ladders properly as The Adventurer on the PS3 version of the game. This makes the final ladder climb after the sarcophagus falls impossible. The Time Traveller can make the jump no problem, grabbing the ledge like she's supposed to. She can also do a horizontal jump so that she doesn't even have to grab the ledge. But when using The Adventurer (and The Hillbilly, as I found out during my experimentation) this simply does not work. They just execute the "fall off the side" animation and don't grab the ledge. Every guide or video I've seen of this area seem to be using the 360 or PC versions of the game and the bug is not present there. I'm not sure if there are any plans on patching this game on PS3, but I sure hope there are. Because I want to keep playing, but right now it's basically just suck it up and restart with different dudes or play something else. Not so hot. I suppose I came here asking for advice, but there's not really much to give. I don't know if it's hero specific or because of hero combinations, so the exact setup is Left: Adventurer, Up: Time Traveler, Right: Hillbilly.
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