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  1. I can't help but feel a little bitter that WillOgles got some recognition, and my posts were left ignored...
  2. Third Hero Concept! This guy grew out of an idea for a watery hero, but not simply a human being who can control H2O. I struggled with what exactly his motivations were for joining Justice Corp., and also with his name. Thus, both are works in progress and any suggestions are welcome I also had a few ideas for what creature resides within, and didn't settle on one! I believe the attachment limit is 3 photos, so I'll post twice to show you guys the 6 concepts I had _____________________________________________________________________________________ Red Herring Back of Card: Originally designed in a secret government facility to be a mobile aquarium, the aquatic creature that resided within took a liking to terrestrial travel and decided to escape. Dubbing itself ‘Red Herring’, this marine hero swore itself to justice after a crook stole his fish food. OBJECTIVE: To exact lawful revenge upon all criminals and, by extension, their organisations! SUMMARY: My super suit has given me great strength, which I would like to use to the betterment of landkind. Harnessing the power of the sea, criminals will be swept away with ease. I can easily turn the tide of any battle! WORK EXPERIENCE: Sea-faring Organism Birth - 2010 Experimental Mobile Aquarium 2010 - Present SPECIAL SKILLS: Tidal Wave, Sand Bank, Kelp Tangle REFERENCES: Paul the Octopus, Oceanic Oracle Flipper, TV Star
  3. Second Hero Concept! I noticed that Surge Protector listed 'Dr. Might' as her reference, from the Hero Technical Institute. So I decided to expand upon him _____________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Might Back of Card: Director of the Hero Technical Institute, Dr. Might has tutored many aspiring heroes with a firm hand. His true passion, however, is the call of justice! OBJECTIVE: To lecture criminals upon the ill-nature of their vocation, while continuing to be a role model for ambitious student heroes. SUMMARY: Having achieved a PhD in Physical Conflict and Virtuous Behaviour, I have more than enough experience to aid Justice Corp and uphold its goals. I wish to elucidate my brethren with tips and advice in the field, and I am open for private tutoring sessions if one is sufficiently interested. I have great power, and great responsibility. WORK EXPERIENCE: College Prof. at Vigilante University 1964 - 1973 Director of Hero Technical Institute 1981-Present SPECIAL SKILLS: Assignment Attack, Educate, The Cane REFERENCES: Arctic Albert, Asst. Prof. of Vigilante University Master Monster, Lecturer at Hero Technical Institute
  4. Heya guys! First post here! I've been itching to upload some superhero character ideas here, but I had to wait for my account to be fully activated I thought the aforementioned 'Sasquatch/Yeti/Bigfoot' idea was intriguing, so I drew up a design of that. Here is his information, as per the Hero Resume __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Normal Feet Back of Card: This big, furry guy looks strangely familiar. He’s highly secretive, and would much rather make you resemble a pretzel than answer your prying questions! OBJECTIVE: To become a super hero in the human world and gain acceptance through honourable deeds! SUMMARY: I have much experience in the ways of living a normal human life. I have spent my childhood growing up normally, with a normal loving family. I am very strong, but this is not suspicious. I would love to work for Justice Corp and finally be appreciated. WORK EXPERIENCE: Normal Human Child Birth – Present Escapee of Photographers Birth - Present SPECIAL SKILLS: Stomp, Log Roll, Blurry Image REFERENCES: Normal Human Mother Normal Human Father __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I liked the idea that he was trying out being a superhero as a way of mingling with the humans, while being able to retain a hidden identity Fantastic game, Double Fine
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