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  1. Same, my copy still won't prompt me for an update. Mine was purchased from the Canadian PSN store. It's disappointing that I can't finish the game I was so eager to play
  2. Good news! When I booted up The Cave a couple days ago, it didn't ask me for an update, but I've moved my data over to my new (Ni No Kuni limited edition!) slim PS3 and re-downloaded The Cave, so hopefully it asks me to update it this time.
  3. There technically is no non-trial/"full game" listed on the PSN. When you buy it (even without downloading the demo first), it will download the trial and the unlock key at the same time, so that answers that question. Do you know if that patch fixed the problem for The Adventurer's part? I booted up my PS3 after reading your post, but it didn't prompt me to download any update I have a Japanese PS3, in Japan, using the Canadian PSN. I assume I would get the update too...
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