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  1. Final two attachments are the Robot's Level and the Clown's Level.
  2. Hi, fellow Cave fans! I've been a huge fan of The Cave since I first heard of it months before the game's release. The idea of it had me so excited, as did the fact that up to three people can play. I come from a family of three (my sister, mom, and myself). Fortunately, they loved the game just as much as I did. At one point, we noticed that there was a section in the game with three skeletons: The Clown, The Robot, and The Pirate. My sister decided to actually create these characters by how we imagined them. We also invented their levels and reasons for being in The Cave. Yeah, we went all out. Hope you enjoy! It only allows me to share three images per post so the I'll add the final two in a reply. My first three images are Pirate's Level, Group Picture 1, Group Picture 2. One of the group shots shows them in front of their skeletons. Stories Robot The outdated robot forced to create what he can't have: newer, better, fancier accessories. Why can't he be like the newer models? Why does he have to remain stuck in the past while people ignore him, opting for the more elegant, the more intelligent, the more amazing? These new robots have advanced processors that supply them with almost anything imaginable: intelligence, emotions, power. This robot will do whatever it takes to steal those data chips. Clown Oh, the life of a clown. Everybody thinks you're just so funny. Being a clown can't be that difficult. You make balloon animals, blow an air horn, squeeze an over sized red nose, whatever necessary to make someone laugh. Of course, clowns are just there for temporary entertainment. What people are really there for are the performers. Acrobats, lion tamers, the fun stuff. But now this clown wants respect. What will he have to do to earn that respect, you might ask? Oh, just some simple sabotage. Certainly not murder. The Pirate How exciting it must be to find a treasure map! And it's your very own great-great-great grandfather's! Just imagine; you'd be rich and famous. Everybody would know who you were. The fact that you're a pirate just adds to the fun. Except what if you weren't a pirate? And the map was somebody else's great-great-great grandfather's map? Well, then you'd be this girl. She just wanted some adventure. A fake goatee, a peg leg purchased from the store, and a stolen eyepatch; it can't be that hard. Just don't get in her way.
  3. Hey. I absolutely fell in love with The Cave. It spanned huge locations and there was a huge, fun variety of characters who each had their own powers. The puzzles were incredibly inventive and entertaining. It was just so much fun in so many ways. Do y'all know any games as amazing as this?
  4. My sister recently completeted some pretty amazing fanart for The Cave. I don't wanna spoil it, but what she drew aren't any of the main 7 characters. I don't think these have been done before. So, I was interested in showing you guys. However, I haven't seen any fanart posted ere before. Where should I post it?
  5. Yeah, he respawned by the water.
  6. NOTE: I was playing on PS3 as the Hillbilly, Monk, and Time Traveler. I just finished The Hillbilly's Carnival level and I nearly had to reset the entire game. I had just gotten the lighter as the Monk. I helped the Hillbilly down the dunk tank so he could turn off the valve so the firefighters' hose wouldn't work. I switched to the monk and set the hay on fire with the Hillbilly still underwater. I switched back to the Hillbilly and got him out to head to the exit. However, in front of the dunk tank were two burning luggage cases that were pit there to prevent me from traveling back. Apparently I needed to be in front of them before the hay was set on fire. What's weird, though, is that the Time Traveler had teleported to the Monk as should have the Hillbilly. I had to turn my PS3 off then back on to get past the luggage carts. Ever have this glitch?
  7. After researching the Wiki for this game, I found that Ron Gilbert originally had 20-30 character ideas planned (including an FBI agent, an Opera singer, and Mafia member) but he worked his way down to 7. Do you think that they might develop a sequel to this game? I absolutely loved it and the average rating is about 6-7/10 which isn't that bad. Would you like a sequel? I'd love one but only if they had an entirely new cave/other environment to explore.
  8. *SPOILER ALERT* In the Time Traveler's level, there's a part in the stage where one character has to push and hold a boulder in the past which in turn creates a well for the present time level. After this, the final character goes to the future to get the buckey, so on and so forth. Anyway. For my first playthrough, I played the Twins, my sister played the Monk, and my mom played the Time Traveler. I stayed in the past and pushed the boulder up but I didn't know what it was for, so I and my sister and mom went back to the present. We went over to where the well should have been (although we didn't know it at the time) and we noticed the boulder was gone. My sister (the Monk) walked over to the empty space and found she could still push the boulder even though it was invisible. Suddenly, she fell through the stage and completely disappeared. I told her to switch the camera to her's. When she did, the screen turned orange and then she died. It fixed after she died, but still. Ever experience this?
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