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  1. How would that work? I am a bit confused by that sentence (the one that I put in bold) Thanks for the official update!
  2. You got that from what I wrote above? Edit: I don't want to answer a question with a question though. The answer is no, I am not suggesting that at all.
  3. The minor difference is, when providing updates via Facebook, twitter and other such channels, those are still updates directly from the source. IGN is... a delegate. The "man" in the middle. It's by no means the end of the world, or anything similarily dramatic. Not in this particular case. And it's probably too early to judge anyway, since it's been less than a day since IGN posted the article that I read - I skipped the coverage partly because I didn't want the potential spoilers and partly because of other obligations (I almost forgot that this was a thing, even though I read the earlier Kickstarter update about it). I am sure that DF is preparing an official update, whether it's going to be via the Kickstarter update or the forum. It's already on their official twitter.
  4. I don't understand your explanation for it. You're worried that IGN will augment and/or skew the information? If they did, it would be easy for Double Fine to correct, and there is no reason for them to willingly change that information. The point is, the direct channel is more trustworthy. And yes. IGN could be potentially reporting rumors and not official news. They don't in this case, since we know DF gave them the exclusivity, and yet we still don't have an official announcement from DF itself. From what I understand you are totally fine with IGN (read some third party) announcing the release, and no word from DF about it? I am afraid I can't explain it better, and maybe it's because English is not my native language. It's cool that you don't see any problem at all with all this and does not affect you.
  5. This is true. However, there is always going to be such cases, why should they ruin it for the rest of us too? Anyway, my (final) point was, that DF should probably inform the backers with an Kickstarter update, even now that the date has been announced by IGN. You don't, but others do. And have explained why.
  6. I am not sute what to think about this decision. In general I agree with other backers/ posters that news about the game's development including release date should be delivered first-hand to them/ us and earlier than press or other third party channels. There are reasons for that, the main one being that other sources are not to be trusted to not augment/ skew the stories they get with random comments and speculations of their own and are generally not to be trusted (what was rumor, what was actual press release)- not as much as the actual source which is Double Fine. However, it's your project, you can do whatever you think best to promote it, and you did send a notice that this would happen this week. I do believe though that It would still be a nice gesture to send an e-mail today or soon to the backers, even if IGN already announced the date. Eg. I found out the release date from a third party because I skipped the entire IGN coverage (is the coverage done? ) and I probably wouldn't have found out otherwise. Not yet anyway.
  7. Yes! Please someone make it happen. For years it seemed highly unlikely that we would every see a LOOM sequel (and the game does need one, albeit it is quite excellent on its own). And today, Mr. Moriarty says he is open to the idea and mentions developer studios, including Double Fine! These are apparently crazy times! But it seems that these last few years would be as good as any for a revival of an old adventure gem. And pardon my expression but I would fund the crap out of a possible LOOM 2 kickstarter campaign. (* I do have to mention that out of all the fan made attempts at LOOM sequels, the most recent "Forge" one is most definitely the best, and even though they mention problems with the development, I would like and wish them to finish their project on their own time) Edit: Ideally GOG or Steam will get their hands on the original LOOM PC version. The CD talkie currently on Steam has the voiceovers, but it did some terrible things to the dialogue and the characters (mostly cut or shortcut dialogues) and I am not too fond of the extra animations it added either.
  8. Don't want to derail the discussion here, but you wouldn't believe how childish/stubborn those people get when you try to correct them with facts.
  9. Yes, there seem to be quite a lot of people who believe that the original version has been easy to acquire for years (well, we would be out of touch with reality if we say it wasn't, but also out of touch if we assume that they mean there were *legal ways* to easily/affordably acquire it). I have even read from a few people that GOG was distributing the original version for quite some time and therefore the remastered version was no more than an abominable cash-in!
  10. But you are starting your comment making same mistake like so many others who were disappointed with the remaster. Comparing a remaster to a remake. I am not sure I understand this "more of a port". There is nothing in your text to support that the remastered was developed as a port or like a port (to include you "more of a") . From what we know they worked on PC and PS4 versions in parallel and they did add the mouse controls for the PC. It's probably true that the remaster could have been more... impressive. Was it possible to clear up all cutscenes, though? According to Double Fine, no. Would it still qualify as a remaster if they had added new stuff in the game and/or extended background areas (recreating them from scratch)? No. Would there be another group of people disappointed if we got a remake and not a remaster of the original. Absolutely.
  11. No, you are right!I thought that because I couldn't find the indicated paths on my system that this was something that made sense and would work only for Mac OSX, but I tried it for the GOG DRM free version on Linux in the game/bin/Saves path and it seems to work. There was already a registry.sav because I can run the game properly on my desktop PC, so I backed that up and copied the one from this thread there. The game still starts with the Double Fine logo, but if you skip it with Esc or double click, you get the game in the original mode. I don't think that this stops the early check for the OpenGL API support but it could help those who can launch the game, but can't switch to orginal mode because it crashes after the first cutscene.
  12. No it doesn't. But it implies that there could be a registry key for the Windows version (or some settings configuration on the Linux one) that could launch the game in the original version. That's why I asked if there was such a thing a few posts ago. No replies yet. EDIT: vvvv Actually disregard the above, I am wrong. flesk bellow indicates the correct paths where the registry.sav file should be placed for every OS and GF remastered version;I tried it on Linux and it did work.
  13. Definitely agreed on the more save slots. I am of the opinion that this is now mainly a fans / gamers' task. The developers should ofcourse test that their fixes don't break other stuff, but their play testing session cannot replace or be more thorough than the feedback of thousands of fans (manyof whom are quite dedicated ones and know the original game by heart) trying all kinds of different interactions, configurations, game paths etc.
  14. Haha! I knew about that little easter egg but I didn't check for it in the new version. Is it removed? (I'll check in a bit) Edit: Nope. It's there for me. I just typed it and well enough... poor Manny... ouch.
  15. I am linking here the other suggestoions / wishes thread which has a few ideas that I quite like http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16233/
  16. I've tested the game briefly on my 2011 Macbook Air at home and the game ran fine in Original mode, but I'm sorry to hear the menus aren't working! Intel HD 3000 is just below our min spec, so we might not be able to fix all of the problems with that system. But if you put this registry.sav file in the /Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Doublefine/GrimFandango/ folder, it should launch the game in Original mode, and hopefully be much more playable. Here's the updated registry.sav file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1489690/registry.sav Is there simirarily some launch parameter or some registry key we could try/edit for the Windows or Linux versions as a temporary solution in order to directly launch the game in the original mode?
  17. I agree with all of the above suggestions, though my main one would be the capability to choose subtitles language independantly of the voiceover language. And yes, some way to enable or accelerate support for this version of the game via ResidualVM (I don't think ScummVM will ever support any version of Grim Fandango), would be welcome too.
  18. I think that some monitors (but maybe not current/modern LCD ones) also may have an issue with static images displayed for a long time (screen burn in). Other than that I wouldn't mind black or some pattern to fill the edges.
  19. As you may or may not be aware there were a number of fan made translations for the Grim Fandango original game. Some of them are archived in the fan site "The Department of Death": http://www.grim-fandango.com/downloads.php I have worked in the greek translation, which turned out pretty decent - I am told . It would be nice to know whether it will be possible to port these translations to the remastered edition, whether the core engine of the game in the remastered version remains largely the same (ie. so the format of the files for the translation related stuff is the same) and details like that. Will it be possible to talk to someone from the developer team about such information? Also, it would be great if DF would at some point be able to integrate such fan/volunteer made translations (which would otherwise never be done/funded ) in an official patch (sort of like the case for The Cat Lady).
  20. I'll first point out that I like the new minor improvements on the graphics, in general. Yes, the bottle shadow floating is something that should be corrected, as well as any other such bugs and inconsistencies. I'd prefer it if the game was ultra polished when it is released next week, but it's not unheard of to release a patch sometime later fixing any such instances that they missed.
  21. Over at Steam forums, on the same topic, someone suggested a solution that worked for many people, including myself. You need to change the "Anti-Aliasing Method" from the "Gaming" -> "3D Application Settings" in the Catalyst Control Center from "Multi-Sampling"(which is the default) to "Adaptive Multi-Sampling". The other settings for Anti-Aliasing in the Control Center, I have left them at their default values. As I said, for me this worked and is still working with the latest 14.9 AMD drivers. I haven't gone far into the game, but the reported problem is obvious in the first screens of the game, and it's not there now, neither in all of the other areas I've visited so far (up to Sasha's Lab). In-game, in the graphic options, I have every option checked, including enabling FSAA, FSFX, Adv. Shading, Shadows and V-Synch. The post I'm referring to is here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/3830/discussions/0/558747287594985726/#c35221031601698754
  22. I liked the SE for the Monkey Island 1 and 2 quite a lot. I do find the original art was better, and that the new ones had a consoles-oriented UI that didn't work as intuitively with the PC mouse & keyboard (also the first one was quite a rushed job, and had several graphical... issues as well as a few other bugs - but it was a step in a good direction). But they did improve on a lot of stuff, the voice overs were quite good, they were built exactly on top of the old engine and scripts (for the most part they made no changes to the base game), and the transition to the classic version with a hotkey was very welcome *. * Grim Fandango remastered won't need such a mode to switch between classic and remastered as, from what they say/aim to do, the main goal will be to make an HD version of the (existing) game. I hope that they will allow or make easy to add custom translations for the game (and have subtitles for every spoken line - I think this was added by a patch for the original in order to have subtitles in cutscenes, and there still were a few lines that did not show subtitles). The original GF was translated to several languages either officially or by fan teams (only the subtitles and the game menus), including greek and chinese!
  23. I believe Tim says the line about keeping the aspect ration for scenes that were designed like that on their corresponding storyboard. So, I think he talks about video cutscenes. Their main issue with those cutscenes is probably that don't know if the original scripts and assets for them are available to them (or they didn't know that at the time of the interview video) and thus whether they will be able to recreat them with improved assets -maintaining 100% of the original choreography, editing, post fx; essentially doing the exact same scene with improved assets - or not. In my view, those who played the original game would not really want a new (read made from scratch and edited differently) version of those videos.
  24. Are you referring to the "The Making of Grim Fandango Remastered: Episode 2" with the explicit description "The Grim Fandango Remastered team begins development following the game's show-stopping announcement at E3 2014"? It seems that you are jumping to a whole lot of negative conclusions for something that is early work in progress, and they specifically say that what they got to be playable on the PS4 is just to make sure that they could do it and be able to access original assets. What is shown in the video is not even remotely close to a final or a remastered build. They do intend to improve on a lot of stuff.
  25. Which one is the main thread for comments on the Grim Fandango remaster? There are so many (in the General discussion and the Games of Yore section)! Was there any footage shown in the PAX panel? I missed the slot that was a few hours ago on twitch and now twitch is going through a glitch when trying to playback the GF video from the "Past Broadcasts" (it does not play it back, and redirects to another page).
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