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    Mac issues

    Yes, the update has rectified any performance complaint I could possibly have. With everything bar SSAA enabled, game runs at seemingly locked 30FPS at 2048x1280 resolution, and if the framerate was unlocked it could probably run at even higher rate. I think it now runs even better than under Windows on the same machine which surprised me. I do however now see flickering dark lines just as outlined in the picture above, but that's a far smaller problem.
  2. Marconelly

    Mac issues

    Sounds good, I'll give it another try when I get home. My post reflects experience from the day the game came out, and in the meantime I was only playing it on PS3. Are you maybe planning to release the game on the Mac App store as well, like you did with Psychonauts? I prefer that store for Mac a bit, because it doesn't require launching any kind of client app (can't beat Steam for dual platform compatibility though).
  3. Marconelly

    Mac issues

    On my MacBook Pro Retina (15") the performance in this game is really best described as terrible. I made sure the discrete GPU is being used. I tried it at first in 1280x800 resolution with all the visual options turned on (a rough equivalent of what the game is on PS3) and the game was chugging at approx 20FPS or less from the first section on. I tried lowering the resolution, disabling all the visual options, and it really didn't help much at all. Even at 800x600 and all options off, the resulting framerate is fairly unstable and barely ever 30FPS. For comparison, every other multiplatform game on this laptop runs much better than it does on PS3, but The Cave definitely runs much better on PS3. I tried the game under my Windows 7 partition, and the performance was far better (relatively stable 30FPS (or more, I'm not sure, but it was quite smooth) at 1600x1050, with all options on). So it's not the hardware, it's the Mac version of the code. Is this normal, expected performance for the Mac version, or am I just particularly unlucky (or the game is incompatible with Retina laptops)?
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