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  1. Mine Road teleport bug v1.01

    I appreciate the response Vic Romero. Just wanted to let you guys know in the unlikely case you were unaware. I'll post in support next time (now that I know)
  2. Playing FT:R v1.01 on my PS4 Pro I encountered a weird bug when trying to fight some of the enemies on the mine road. Anytime I would enter combat with a Cave Fish or either of the two female bikers, I would be teleported to either the gorge or Mink Ranch (Nestor and Bolus were supposed to be there but they weren't until I exited and returned to the ranch). I recorded a video of it below and edited it to show what was happening. I got around this bug by switching to Classic mode until I was in a fight and I could switch back and fight in remastered mode. Anyone else experience this?