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  1. Good to hear, I'm looking forward to jumping back in when the new content hits.
  2. First off all, great game as usual from Double Fine. I bought the coin doubler to show my support, but I love the fact that you never feels constrained if you don't spend real money. Having beaten the game my only complaint is that having finished all the story content, there's just not enough to do. Now it seems like I only get one or two random missions at a time, and they're usually lower level encounters. I'd have saved the alien boss for a while to keep things interesting if I'd known there was such a steep drop-off. I never felt much incentive to buy any of the energy boosters, but I'd be totally down for dropping a buck or two on content packs with more missions. Even a difficulty setting or some other way to bump up the number of crimes would be nice. To be fair though, when my sole complaint is "dammit, take my money Double Fine!", I'd say job well done.
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