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  1. Updates! :-P

    You're so right about the communication. The transparency is what got so many fans engaged with an emotionally invested in the game and the whole creation process. It seems senseless and silly to burn so much goodwill by just going dark like this. ANYONE FROM DF CARE TO CHIME IN?
  2. Updates! :-P

    One of the things that kept backers & fans on-board with the delays and overruns was great open communication and the fantastic documentaries. It seems like the information well has run dry, and I can't be the only one feeling bummed by that.
  3. Chat Intelligence

    Did the prototype release with any form of working chat? I can friend Big Leg (typing "yes" as a response thanks to Ben's documentary shortcut) but beyond that, it seems like it's not listening or just not understanding anything at all... If it didn't make it in there, I'd certainly not be surprised... quite a feat to get it to where it is in 10 days!
  4. I've tried a couple of times and finding the same thing. I get in to the house, get to the banging on the door, and then can't move or do anything... can't look around, can't walk. Nada.
  5. Any chance of a sequel?

    I'd like to chime in for a sequel or DLC -- I'd buy two copies! Easily my favorite game on PC or Console in a very long time. C'MON, BABY!
  6. Brandon Dillon is off of the project eh? Here's hoping they've green-lit Hack 'n Slash!
  7. I'd be thrilled to see this picked up and released on PSN/XBLA. It would be amazing to see the world get the full DF artwork treatment. My ideal game would be a near-direct ripoff of A Link to the Past with modern (Cave-esque) art and design. But the hacking mechanics of this game have started to grow on me. A polished version would be sweet! J.