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  1. Same here, noticed that a couple times during the Maidens Feast and it is distracting. Lacks sound effects when Mog Chothra grabs some of the girls too.
  2. During Shay's breakfast scene, I picked a certain cereal (can't remember which one but I know Shay said something like: "Oh I thought we ran out of those!" then while Shay was eating the spoon was saying something about my PH level being off but the scene cut to black and cut off the dialog. A similar thing happened when I went on the space walk for the 2nd time. When I approached the plant, Shay says "But take it easy this time." but again it cuts too soon (though it might be deliberate here). Those were the only times where I noticed dialog being cut but during a few of the Shay scenes of routine I thought it cut to black a bit abruptly.
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