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  1. Are you talking about sign posting? I think some of Valve's commentary tracks in Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 go into detail about some of the details they add. I think it's fairly similar across the board: the use of lighting (a bright light down coming from an alley would indicate you should go that way), placing large amounts of interesting detail in an otherwise sparse environment to attract a player, etc. You can also use sign posting to add 'secrets' to a game. Add a very obvious sign post (perhaps an open door and a lit up building on an otherwise abandoned street) and a dark alley the player passes on the way. Most players will skip the alley, but why not hide some something there to reward the curious?
  2. Check "my library" in the top right hand corner of the humble bundle store. Expand "claim past purchases." Hopefully, it will show up there. If all else fails and you think you donated the proper amount of money, you can email support@doublefine.com
  3. Did you check your spam folder? Alternatively, you can create an account on the Humble Bundle store and see if you can claim a Steam key. Make sure you use the email you used to back with. Otherwise, if you think you really didn't donate enough (I think it was only $15? I can't remember), you can still buy the game on Steam.
  4. I also Slacker Backered it, and yes, you do get to play the game (presuming your backing level was high enough). Check your email for a URL from humblebundle.com titled "Broken Age, Act 1"
  5. I mention Sierra games because they're a prime example of the twisted "adventure game logic" that the genre became famous for. Grim Fandango had better designed puzzles than any Sierra game, but it was also a much easier game than most other adventure games of its time. I enjoyed Grim Fandango (although, and I admit this with shame, I was unable to ever actually finish the game. I've attempted three times and each time my game save has mysteriously corrupted before I reached the end) but it, like other games of its time, utilized some of the bizarre logic that only made sense in a video game. If anything, you likely find Broken Age easy because unlike its friends from the 90s, the game is actually fair and doesn't require outrageous leaps to find the solution.
  6. Adventure games aren't solely about puzzles, but obviously they're the actual game mechanic. If you were expecting old fashioned, Sierra-style adventure game puzzles, I think you are (a) crazy and (b) seriously looking at the past with rose-colored goggles. Remember that adventure games died in part due to the emergence of twitchy shooters and RPGs that dominated video game industry for over a decade, but also because they ended up with puzzles so obscure that you essentially had to have an absolutely twisted mind in order to solve those things. One might recall at the height of the absurdity, Gabriel Knight 3 had a puzzle requiring you to make a disguise using cat hair as a mustache and maple syrup to attach it to you.. even though the person you are trying to disguise yourself as didn't actually have a mustache. Old Man Murray had a pretty classic rundown of this: http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/77.html And, of course, King's Quest (along with other early Sierra games) would murder you in thousands of different ways for no discernible reason and allow you to get stuck and unable to complete the game because you failed to retrieve an item two screens from the beginning - and of course, that area is now inaccessible to you. This was, of course, was done to expand the amount of time you'd spend playing a game despite minimal actual content (the original King's Quest can be beaten in under 15 minutes if you know the solution) as well as generate healthy revenues for Sierra via their 900 number tip line. So, are the puzzles in Broken Age too easy? Maybe. If you're an experienced adventure gamer and you actually solved Gabriel Knight 3's mustache puzzle, you probably didn't find anything in Broken Age very difficult. I found some of the puzzles to be rather clever (the starmap puzzle), a few that were based on happening to spot a clickable object (the stool puzzle), and a few that served as dead easy introductory puzzles.
  7. I thought the voice acting was pretty good, but I definitely noticed that Vella didn't exactly seem upset about the fact that she was being choked to death by a snake. Then again, isn't that somewhat reminiscent of the train "mission" in Shay's story? The knitted friends just hold on to the track endlessly while waiting for the "genius hero" to perform a very simple task. Much like Vella waiting for the player to click an object while feigning certain death. This game is clearly meta as hell and Tim Schafer has made all of us into Shay.
  8. I got stuck early on before I learned that combining items is a game mechanic. I should have known, being an avid fan of adventure games, but I guess I had just forgotten. I think the puzzles are about right, although I'd like to see it become a tad more difficult in Act 2 as I found myself gliding through many of the puzzles.
  9. There's no DRM. Once you download the game, you do not need Steam to use it. Steam is just the platform by which you download the game.
  10. I did not have a humble account, I had to sign up for one. When I signed up with an email that matched my Slacker Backer email, my key was waiting for me in under "claim past purchases." So, if your humble account didn't match that email, try making a new Humble account.
  11. Then your post is invalid, you lose any debate, good DAY sir. Requiring a login to download from your servers is not DRM in the slightest, and that's the only requirement inherent to Steam. It provides options to implement more, but it doesn't enforce them. This is important to note - if no DRM is implemented, you can launch the game independently of Steam. Meaning, you use Steam to download the game and then you can just delete it off your computer and the game will work fine.
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