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  1. I'm going to have to refer to what I posted about 8 months ago on this one. It was easy to see coming. If only more people would have paid attention and spoke up when it mattered, I think we would've ended up with more of what we were hoping for. That said, I'm not sure I ever really truly believed that DF would pander to the masses like they eventually did. I'm sure I'll get over it, but the realization was quite disheartening. On the bright side of things, I was really entertained by the documentary work and think DF did cause more adventure games to be made by other developers. Though I guess companies like Daedalic have been doing some great things (Deponia) all along.
  2. This is one of those occasions where I enjoy being wrong (regarding the next episode delay). I'd like to think they posted it early to spite me, but unfortunately I don't think I'm that important, hah.
  3. BTW, I'm not really sure how to post a new thread because I don't do much posting on message boards (late to the game, i know). So if it seems as though my post should have been in a different thread, please help me out and start it for me. I've already spent way too long typing my last post up. Thanks homies.
  4. It would be awesome to get a real episode this week but I'm quite sure that's not going to be happening. If you haven't noticed, since the announcements of the release delay, the episodes have become more sporadic and delayed (I don't think they have yet to deliver an episode at the projected release date). Basically, every time they say they are almost done with an episode, I add at minimum an additional 2 weeks to the delivery date. As such, I surmise that they posted the recent side-quest (compiled from the cutting room floor and not originally intended for release [though I have yet to watch it]) to appease those that were getting antsy in attempt to buy more time. I also assume that these actions are not necessarily a direct result of 2PPs incompetence to project deadlines but a reflection of the 2PP compensation deal (paid by DF). This deal which originally was based on a fixed number of episodes is now, as a result of the release delay, causing 2PP to space out episodes according to the release plan. Though I appreciate and applaud most of the choices made by DF regarding the development and release of Broken Age, I feel they should have shifted the 2PP budget from a fixed cost to a variable cost dependent on the scope and release of the game. I must add that this is based on assumption that they have not already done so, in which case 2PP is really dropping the ball (regarding scheduling, not content) more and more with each new episode. What is confusing for me is that I believe I had read a post somewhere stating that 2PP receives a percentage of the Kickstarter income, which would imply that their compensation is a variable cost rather than fixed. This doesn't make sense based on the idea that they were only supposed to recieve 400K for the production of the documentary. So what I guess I'm trying to say is I'd like to see more frequent episodes and I'm not sure who to point my finger at (partly a personal anger issue). Is this DFs fault for not allocating budget properly or 2PPs fault for poor project management (possibly caused by the unexpected undertaking of other projects, eg the new megaman game)? I apologize if this post comes off as somewhat critical, but itt is generated from my love and greediness of the entertainment value I've received from both DF and 2PP talents. You're both great and I want more. And by more I mean the episode release schedule established early in the project. Also if nobody had thought about this recent pattern, after the upcoming episode, there is only one more left before the game comes out. Thoughts anyone?
  5. This thread is reminding me of the Southpark episode where all the parents begin smelling their own farts. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/104282/smuggy-san-francisco-town http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/104281/come-on-people-now So what I'm gathering from all of this is... 1- A thread was formed by a frustrated queer trans girl stating that DF needs to be careful to avoid gender binary elements. Surely, any ensuing debate will be informative, productive and purposeful. 2- Sides form, basically stating the viewpoints that: a1- We agree! We reinforce the argument that DF should avoid gender binary elements. b1- We should ignore this statement because writers should have creative license to do what they want because fear of offending people will likely hamper the ability to write the characters that we all know and love. 3- These arguments develop with: a2- We still agree with our initial statement but want to point out that knowing how DF and Tim operate, we don't think this is a road they would pursue. We simply want to make the statement so the aforementioned main point is taken into consideration. b2- We also stand by our initial statement that this should be ignored. We know that DF and Tim don't roll like this and if they did they would have good reason. It's not always bad to exhibit gender stereotypes. Why must this turn into a political statement (pc garbage aka smug fart smelling)? 4- Banter back and forth: a3- DF and Tim don't roll like this and we agree that if they did they would have good reason, and that's okay. It's not always bad to exhibit gender stereotypes, but sometimes it is. We have an obligation to consider the politics in which the negative impact of those poor portryals since everything produced ultimately contributes to how the world portrays gender stereotypes. If you're an intellectual you must see our point, if not than you are "the dick in the room". (places head between legs and inhales deeply) b3- Ok, we agree with that. Except I'm not a dick and certainly not the only dick in the room. 5- Continued a4- As long as only boys are made fun of for being too masculine and girls are made fun of for being too feminine it's okay. It just can't go the other way around. Not to worry, we both know DF won't knows how to toe the line. b4- What is the point of this thread again? a5- To make sure DF avoids gender sensitive issues, which they always do. b5- Can't argue with that. For some reason I thought it had something to do with social activism. a6- Nope, definitely not. (Exhales previously inhaled smug fart from lungs) b6- Oh, ok. Note how entertained some people against gender stereotyping are by the comment the "dick in the room". Hypocrite much? If you practiced what you preached, meisjoe would have simply been the "ignoramus in the room". My point, if you haven't already gotten it, is that we all agree that DF will not be insensitive to this issue (as evidenced by their previous works). If you want to debate gender issues, I think it could be done on more appropriate forums.
  6. Second! When I think of games that were too short, Full Throttle is the first one that comes to mind... Which is actually somewhat of a compliment, since I would only care and remember if a great game was cut short and would just forget about less quality games. Anyway, since it was short Full Throttle will forever be at the bottom of the list for my favorite games, but it is on the list. More recently, I felt the same way with the Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded remake... high quality, just way too short compared to the best of the best. Both of these games were too short but had different ways of feeling it. In FT, I saw the end in sight at a time I felt I was just getting into it so I was worried about the game ending in what felt like 30% of the already short game. In LSL, I assumed there was going to be a whole other Part 2 and it just ended. This didn't ruin the 30% of the game but it had more of a depressing shock at the end. In summation, I don't think it has to be a really long game. It just needs to be long enough so your initial response to finishing is "this can't be the end" or "WTF, already?". You know, kind of like most women think in bed. No marathon needed, but don't sputter out before you can really get into it. Ok, point made and dead horse beaten. Great episode! Wish they would come out more often. Like a few others have posted, it's nice to see that you look at our chatter for feedback. For better or worse, I am now more inclined to offer my two cents. Keep fighting the good fight!
  7. RolandBurnum... I see what you and the enviably optimistic SurplusGamer are saying and agree that excessive verb usage should be eliminated. However, you (RB) can't argue that most often times resulted in the "I can't do that" dummy response and that there is a lot of money wasted (4x over) on every response. Obviously, there isn't money wasted when the dummy response is applied since it's a copy/paste approach. I'd like to get on the whatever Tim does is without a doubt for the best bandwagon (and in most cases, I actually do), but a one click solves all approach does take away from the classic adventure game aspect (this simply cannot realistically be debated), which is a key aspect that I believe is at the root of most backers (at least the nostalgic adventuring type) fundamental value in the kickstarter funding. As stated by others, if this is simply a result of fitting the game into an android based model, then there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. So.. I pray that this is not a snapshot of things (sacrifices made in overall game development) to come. Bottom line: All you need is "look" and "use" and all will be well, but look is a HUGE piece of the puzzle. Pun intended. Though I almost never post comments, I read the posts daily and feel that DF, Tim, Broken Age and all of it's backers would benefit by voicing their opinions more often in hopes that backer opinion somewhat helps to craft the game. No offense, but taking the SurplusGamer approach of relentlessly defending planned development does nothing to help DF gauge the public/backer opinion. Lastly, i wanted to note that I absolutely agree with SurplusGamer 95% of the time and am amazed by his intelligence and accuracy in his posts, but good-lord that remaining 5% along with the 1000+ makes me think you are paid by DF. Seriously, with over 1100 posts, is this not a full time job for you? I can't be the only one thinking this? Wow, really ranted longer than anticipated. Apologies for all of the (). Wiggitty wiggity wack.
  8. I also realize Broken Age has been selected as the default name but wanted to throw out another option for consideration in case the name doesn't stick. Growing Pains -- Similar to Broken Age it can have multiple meanings -- e.g. encountering obstacles (pains) while growing into adulthood, the increasing/growth in difficulty of obstacles (pains) over time. In case there is a sequel, we can add a subtitle -- Growing Pains : Tales of a Forsaken Lumberjack Or I actually thought the generic Double Fine Adventure worked great as a name but if it had to be changed, maybe a slight variation would work? Double Fine's Finely Aged Adventure I thought of many variations of this name: Double Fine's Finely Aged Adventure Duo Finally, A Double Finely Aged Adventure Double Fine's Adventure Double Etc, etc
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