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  1. YES! I can't wait to try out the new classes Also, I know I was not the first to suggest the Balanced Start but I still take credit for it because Brad posted in my thread about it You guys did some great work! Happy New Year <3
  2. Alchemist / Caberjack - Engager/Knockram Alchemist / Hunter - Striker/Bomber Caberjack / Hunter - Stalker/Predator (I just saw someone else had the same idea) Caberjack / Alchemist - Warhead Hunter / Alchemist - Flinger/Slingshot Hunter / Caberjack - Blunderbuss I might add some more later.
  3. Not at all! I am happy to get a reply from you personally. I can totally see your point and the appeal of a completely random start. For example, my second game is going great with 1 Alchemist and 4 Hunters. It is just that my previous disadvantageous hero-composition was my first introduction to the game and I imagine other players who are not used to this type of game might be turned off. Players with less endurance than me, of course Maybe there could be a balanced start for your first game ever? I just think it is important for completely new players to not get screwed. They could get an entirely wrong impression of the game. If you do implement a balanced start option, how about "Fortunate Ancestry" or "Remains of the Day"? Unrelated PS: I would love a new episode of your podcast "Dota Today" but I can see where all your time has gone
  4. I started a new game an got a nice mix of heroes right away. Still, they really should ensure you one of each class. It is the tutorial after all...
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have to say that they should at least start you with one of each class...I felt like there was nothing I could do which is frustrating. I am okay with chance and randomness screwing you over but not having an Alchemist and only one Hunter for half a century really made the game unplayable.
  6. My game is pretty much doomed at this point. All my warriors died in one mission due to two piercing double kills (turns out range doesn't matter if there is one more hero in line of the shot on the other end of the map). But I do not see how I could have played differently with what I had. I only had one hunter all game and no Alchemists. All Caberjacks. I also did not have any females, so breeding new heroes was out of question. So I tried recruiting new heroes but 40 years (2 seconds) before they arrived, the Cadence attacked. I had only one hero left so I couldn't send him into a Level 2 threat area. The land was lost. Is it normal that you do not get Alchemists until later in the game? Or am I just unlucky?
  7. Cymen

    Iron Mode

    I think "Ironman" mode is very well known and people immediately know what it is. That being said, I think keeping the "Iron" part and adding some other suffix or prefix which fits the game's theme would be best. "Iron Bloodline" or "Bloodline of Iron" would still be recognizeable as the usual "Ironman" mode while still fitting the theme of the game and it is gender neutral.
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