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  1. A and D change what head you wanna change, enter changes said head, E gets you out of the menu I believe.
  2. I didn't buy the Original Soundtrack version of BL on Steam. Are there any plans to release it on its own on Steam? If not, what's the best place to buy it from?
  3. No, I think he means the one from raising the statues, to get new songs. THOSE do not pop up for me either. And also, the fullscreen notification every time you get 10 serpents isn't popping up either.
  4. Wait... I'm a total idiot... I just played again, and they're showing up fine now, thanks for the help though! However, I also notice the song info wasn't popping up in the bottom left, has that been reported yet?
  5. I did delete that file, still nothing. Also, the other really annoying thing I'd like to point out, I can't change the heads on Mt. Rockmore. Using 3 and 4 to change the heads doesn't work. I wanted to be the first one to get the Whispering Rock achievement, and still no one has done it yet. EDIT: Well, some people did, but I call hacks.
  6. I did get a patch about that time last night, and have verified the cache, but still the pop-up banners don't show up for me.
  7. Literally every single one of these happened to me as well. Here's a less extreme example of the Screaming Wall, I've seen it worse though: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=129681492 EDIT: Found another one. You can't change the heads on Mt. Rockmore. The buttons simply don't work.
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