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  1. I think it's pretty clear this is what Double Fine intends to do, provided the PC Brutal Legend generates enough business. They hinted they might release new playable factions for the PC version (Only, since it would cost too much on the Xbox and Playstation.) They have said they want to make the PC version the definative version of Brutal Legend.... whether that means "Least Buggy" or "Most Content" is really up to PC gamers. Microsoft and Sony are going to have to learn some hard lessons, assuming they haven't learned them already. (Although after everything that happened with the Betamax, thier continued hardheadedness to pursue "Sound Business Accumen" leaves me wondering if Sony will EVER get it.) I honestly thought patches on consoles would kill console gaming (And I loved console gaming until they started releasing bugged games.) I was wrong, despite the damage it's done to the genre, Console gaming has done very well due to it's accessability. However, thier insistance on charging companies to release patches (Fix bugs) and offer free content is going to put a serious hamper on them. Combined with the mystifying popularity of "Tablet PC's" and the wide variety of very friendly and free games available to PC/Mac/Linux users... AND the rising cost of console systems..... The death knell could be around the corner... (Although in this day and age of necromantic business practices, nothing truely dies... it just comes back half as strong, and twice as stupid.) And while all that was going on with Console games, PC gaming was seemingly dying. All the great hits were getting bought up by megacorps, then slowly watered down until they weren't any good... then locked in a vault of IP that has "Too much value to sell" but is "Too expensive to make a new sequel for"... which is completely insane, by way of sheer greed. However, new doors were opening, and companies that survived the purge were able to grow in fantastic new ways. PC gaming is recovering and going to be healthier than ever, I believe. I will miss alot of classics that I don't think will ever get remade properly... but there are always new games out there, and some of the classics have made it to this age of gaming. The other reason this idea of DLC sequels is nice... it would probably give Double Fine more flexibility in continuing to produce the variety of games people have come to enjoy from thier company... as opposed to the commitment a new full-sized sequel game (And new engine, new graphics) would require.
  2. One of the coolest things about the Brutal Lands is how there are all these fantastic resources waiting to be plucked up and used. Beer Trees, the Screaming Wall, Cymbal Bushes, etc. I'm not sure how it could be worked into a gamemode, but perhaps in a sequel.. players could actually harvest these resources and use them to build custom rides and stuff. Lar's goes on this huge speech about how Lionwhyte nearly made the people forget about the music of the past... but other than Eddie, Killmaster and crew, Lionwhyte, Aetulia (Also Drowned Ophelia), and finally Doviculous... we don't see people playing music. But the resources are there. There is room for alot of customization. I would like to see Lita take up Lar's sword, and get an instrument of her own, possibly. Well.. I suppose there are alot of things I would like to see. Mostly, I just want to be able to build my own bike. They kinda glossed over all that as Eddie was building the vehicles. If they made a racing game multiplayer mode for us, I assume we would get Eddie, Drowned Ophelia, Doviculous, and Fletus. Might we also get Magnus and the Ironheade Bus, Killmaster on a custom hog, Fire Baron on a modified bike, A Tick Superchopper, Supercharged Lightning Rod.... ahhh... want... so... much....
  3. I have noticed this too... I was actually logging on to mention it. The screaming wall is one of the coolest things ever... I'd love to be able to experience it as intended, in game.
  4. Forgive me for my ignorance, but couldn't you just turn your Firewalls off? You know, until a specific solution is found, such that you can run the game surrounded by flames.
  5. I wish I could choose all of them! However, factions are on the top of my wishlist. The Online PC life of this game is it's best chance and generating the momentum for a sequel, in my opinion. Factions choices would do alot for that. Gamemodes would be my second choice. As far as "something else" for DLC... it would be neat to see more story. It's not likely, and Double Fine has specifically stated that it is unlikely, but I can still dream. Also, it would be very cool if they somehow gave each current and future faction access to a "Dragon" of some sort. Metal Dragons!
  6. You're very open and brave to share your work with us, Zidders. I think this might be more appropriate in the off topic forum, since it's not directly related to Brutal Legend. I'm sure there is a place for stories, but for those of us who don't lurk, I think the story caught us off guard with your title. I sorta expected something with characters from Brutal Legend, or something that happened in real life connected to the game.
  7. The truth of the matter is that the game doesn't suffer from design issues on the magnitude that people are implying. It suffers from a lack of explanation of it's game elements and a built-up community of RTS fans that are very used to things being done a specific way. (Well, really you could say it suffers from a community of gamers that are very used to things being certain ways.) I don't think anyone who looks at the game reasonably thinks it is broken or unbalanced. It's just that the RTS parts of the game were not communicated in a detailed manner for people. Virtually every real time strategy on the market takes place from a top down/isometric view. Nearly all of them incorporate very similer functions for controlling units. And most of them use very similer resource distrubution systems. The biggest thing that Double Fine has done differently (In terms of RTS) is change how the player views the battlefield (And therefore, how he's able to navigate the field with his troops.) I'm not implying you need to be coddled. I'm implying you ARE. You can take this as an insult if you wish, but it's not intended to be, and it's not your fault. You don't control how game companies treat you or how they determine what they will offer people. Some coddle gamers because they see dollar signs. Some do so because it's easier to copy an idea that to build one from the ground up. Many end up coddling gamers, not through intention, but because new ideas scare people and are usually NOT very popular. People who hold them find others treating them as if they are hostile, despite thier honest intention to provide something good. If you have a team of people, the guy with the radical ideas can alienate people... especially if he is in charge. It sounds like to me you are ALL very aware of the issues with the game. The one thing we ALL agree on is that it did not explain itself very well. Many games can get away with vague explanations... since they are so similer to other existing games. Brutal Legend was not one of those games. Saying that they should provide more ways for people to understand, learn, and grow with the system is not about coddling you. It's about properly solving the problems the game had, rather than cowering to the more general haze of people simply IMPLYING that the system was broken, unuseable, unfair, or ill concieved. It's not that I don't think you don't appreciate what Tim was "trying" to do. It's that I think you're more willing to give up on the challange of it, ask for something watered down, than swallow a little pride and ask for things to be explained better. We live in a society that punishes those who ask questions or challange the status quo. I see Brutal Legend challanging that. I think Tim suceeded in what he set out to create... but failed to include tutorials so that people could grasp it quickly. And perhaps you haven't made it very clear what you are asking for. What I have SEEN people ask for is RTS elements scaled back. I have watched RTS games get "scaled back" and mutated in to... well... garbage for the past several years. I've seen them take beautiful and relatively complex real time strategy titles... and scale them down into glorified Tower defense games. If you're not asking them to turn the game into a "God of War" clone... whatever that is... then you're still asking for something I could play at a flash game website... simply by not being CLEAR about what you really do want. I have been clear about what I want. I want a third person real time strategy game, such as it has been designed here by Double Fine. I want to see what was already set out to be built upon. I want some more command functions. I want them to make better tutorial options or offer a variety of gamemodes that can allow us to familierize ourselves with individual elements of what already exists. I want MORE of what they showed me in Brutal Legend, and not MORE of less. TL;DR What is likely to be misinterpeted as a condescending response to condescending response. This whole thing is a battle of dreamers and those more rooted in practical sensibilities.
  8. YUCK! I have to wonder, is there a secret cabal of people just messing with us? Messing with Tim specifically? Trying to make our blood boil like that of Ormagodden? What do you think, Herberck? Are they trying to get a rise out of us, or do they really just want us to treat them like the Titan's treated the Tainted Coil? We could bind thier minds up in a tidy little package that is seen, and not heard... and perhaps in a twisted backwards way, they would eventually come to crave that which WE crave. To learn how to build cars, command troops, and play the heaviest of Metal? Is the world so backwards that they really can't see that they are bowing down to "the Man" and begging to be treated like dogs? That we have been given something greater... something Primal. Something that lets us run free and howl at the moon... but they can't stop thinking about that free doggie biscuit.. and they wish the moon wasn't so bright, powerful, or metamorphic? They just want it to be shaped like that biscuit, so they can chew it up into mush while staring vacantly at the same stuff that has been made for years and years and years.............. I'm going out of my mind. I'm just glad that I'm probably on the same page as Tim is.
  9. Oh, I'm well aware of what you are saying.. but they didn't fully explain many of these things in the single player game.. nor did they provide a comprehensive tutorial. They DID make several Advice Threads in the Forums... but that doesn't even cover it all. To me, the best way to solve this is to provide more gamemodes. You make more gamemodes and take the time to balance them... people will want to learn, WILL learn simply by experience. The real purpose of Gamemodes? To allow the elements of the game to be savored more individually so that players can take thier time in learning each, then learning how to combine them effectively. That's not to say that someone may greatly enjoy some simpler/alternative entertainment that is QUITE readily available with the resources they created for the Brutal Lands. More Gamemodes is the most exciting way, anyway. It satisfies those asking for less, but leaves in the ability to dream for more....
  10. Situational awareness is key. Maybe people have been coddled too long by the top down/isometric/minimapped RTS experience. However, if you're not hardcore enough to deal with the system, then at least sack up and not whine about it. There are other solutions to watering it down or removing it entirely. So many other solutions... For instance, ask for new game modes. If you can't handle the current multiplayer experience... Brutal Legend is broad enough to give you OTHER ways to enjoy the Brutal Lands and Metal. That's what's so exciting about the game in general... it incorporates many different game elements. The reason people are SNAPPING like a Slim Jim when you people ask DF to water down the solution? We're used to companies doing it, and ruining great gaming experiences. I get it, dealing with a limited field of view, no minimap... so much discretional fog of war.... it has a HUGE learning curve. Hell, I'm not even very good at dealing with it yet... but it's part of the experience... and it makes the game more real for me. Here's the thing... DF might actually cave to your cry baby demands. And don't fool yourself, they ARE cry baby demands... because you don't offer a compromise. You are asking for the whole thing to be changed, when the truth is, and you can't deny this... there is nothing wrong with the experience, beyond your ability to process it all. We all have limitations... but recognizing those limitations doesn't mean we should devote our time to dragging everyone down. Let the people who can excell with the complex and tricky current system go for it. Let them flex thier brains on one of the rare bits that isn't just a complex game.. it's well made and has an epic story. ASK for more game modes. They said they wanted to make this the definative version of the game. They said Multiplayer is where the expansion shall happen. There is no word on a sequel, but I imagine it depends on how the PC Brutal Legend develops. They can use this as a platform to create new systems within the existing game, to create a game that doesn't just have difficulty settings.... but allows you to experience and enjoy the elements you most desire... without being distracted by other things. Don't ask for less, ask for more. This doesn't mean you're asking them to double down on the parts you can't handle. This mean's you're asking them... to leave that alone and offer you something similer, but refined differently. It's very simple. The Stage Battles make up only a fraction of the main game anyway. There is no reason that they need to make up 100 percent of the multiplayer experience. Not a fan of Stage Battles? Don't like being locked into having to build troops/give them orders/micromanage assets? Ask for a new GAMEMODE, don't ask them "Oh if you get around to making a sequel, taint the genesis of it, turn it into Vanilla mush indestinguishable from every other thing out there, save the story and voice acting." That's ridiculous. IF you don't like Brutal Legend as it is, if you don't get excited by the concept of them BUILDING and IMPROVING what exists... why would you devote so much energy to seeing them ruin it? (Don't get me started what EA did to Command and Conquer.) Think about what parts of the game you enjoyed, consider how they could be incorporated into a different multiplayer gamemode. There should be room for everyone at the table, not just the most casual group. For instance, I've been tossing around the idea of an "Attack/Defend" kind of mode, based on Relic Raising/Betrayal (Or Relic Burial.) Relics would be affected in similer fashion to Fan Geysers, protected as long as they are contested. Obviously, since Fan Geysers won't be the focus in that mode, you could probably remove them (And troop building) from the system. At that point, it's not a HUGE leap to give each side AI Lieutenants (Such as Lars, Lita, Ophelia [Non-drowned]) to determine troop movement... and your character is set to being support. You play solos, hit the relics, etc. The Defender gets some Defensive structures that deactivate as the defenders lose ground and Relics are raised, but at the cost of reinforcement rate... while the Attackers have a time limit to contend with before thier siege loses momentum and morale. Attackers win when they are able to penetrate the enemy stronghold and destory thier "Mortar Gate" or whatever... and Defenders win if they hold out long enough. And then you have a new gamemode that still incorporates tactics, but removes the complexity of strategic decisions.. (Which makes sense for a seige anyway... most of it is predetermined at that stage.) For people who don't want to even deal with the units and such... Avatar Arena Battles and Racing. (All those cars.. and so many more potential cars.. we should have a racing Multiplayer game.) IF my tone is harsh, it's because I'm genuinely frustrated that I've found a rare gaming gem... and people are demanding less from it. I can go into a Game Stop anywhere in the United States and throw a rock... there is an excellent chance I'll find a beautiful peice of less that way. There are so few games in the Third Person RTS genre... it's very frustrating to see people ask for it to be turned into... Gauntlet. I enjoy Gauntlet, for what it is. Why can't you (guys who are complaining) enjoy Brutal Legend for what IT is?
  11. In Team Fortress 2, Heavy is the Killmaster. Entire Spider Lair, is full of babies.
  12. I found that the controls for the Horn Thrower were mislabled. If you take the time to fiddle with it, you can figure it out and work with it. I don't remember the specifics... but I do know you select the face you want to change by moving your mouse. Getting out of the menu is the hard part, since escape opens the menu.
  13. Maybe that Giant Mirror was full of crazy Metal Magic, and he is like, trapped, in the Phantom Zone. Driven mad as the mirror sliced up his persona where he wages war against himself across the battle field of his mind with Progressive Metal playing.
  14. I don't know about Rob Zombie... but sure. I was thinking of those "Great Race" cartoons.. I think the Mystery Machine was in more than a few of those.. but there was that Snidely Whiplash like character and his dog Muttley. They'd always flips signs around or set up traps, trying to cheat thier way to victory, rather than win by maintaining a solid lead or by thier own driving skill. Of course the cars were always wacky roadsters with all sorts of cool gadgets. Now that I think about it... wasn't there one where Shaggy was a werewolf, so him and Scooby have to drive the werewolf mobile in the Monster Mash Racing Cup? The antagonist was some sort of Dr. Frankenstien and Igor team, if I remember properly.
  15. I never listened to any of those bands. I didn't think they were metal or even metal inspired. I simply thought they were... hardcore pop? I suppose I just never made the link in my head. It makes sense, now that it's spelled out, unequivocally. Well as the topic creator pointed out, the bands I listed out fall under the Nu-metal or rap metal genre. I like classic heavy metal, but I grew up falling in love with the music of the mid to late 90's and early 2000's, so Nu-metal, as much as its hated now days, hold a special place in my heart. Hey, Hair Metal has a special place in my heart. I listen to alot of music... but I don't get at all offended by how they portray Hair Metal. How often does Hair Metal get to be the bad guy anyway? And they make a valid point about sellouts, even though it happens everywhere. I also have loved 3 Inches of Blood for years. I was very pleased to find them in this game.
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