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  1. Yep, I sent a detailed email explaining all that I've tried and still have yet to hear back even though I sent the email 20 hours ago. Have to say I'm very disappointed in the way this has been handled so far. The game was in my library the day before launch, even!
  2. Gah, I'd rather not have to go through Humble support. They are consistently slow to respond and I'll be out during the weekend which is when they'd most likely get back to me. I just want to get my Broken Age on!
  3. I had claimed my key a few days ago on my humble profile but now it's missing from my claimed purchases. Revisiting the key link gives me an error saying it can't find the key.
  4. Eeeee, one of my favorites! I'll always remember how I had played this game on my grandparents' computer back in the early 90s but could never remember the name. My cousins and I used to take turns trying to beat it, we never did back then haha.
  5. Hi braaaaaaaad. Can't wait to see how this shapes up.
  6. Seems like Massive Chalice is drawing from Fire Emblem, X-Com and Crusader Kings 2 and I am 100% in love with this.
  7. Hey there Double Fine Action Gang, got a little Tim related story to submit for approval from the midnight society. The end was cut off but time is drawing close to the end and I wanted to make sure I got this in on time. I also tried to lower the volume from the stream clips I used but Tim's mic was clipping like crazy on stream so there wasn't much I could do about that. Maybe 2PP can clean it up a bit more than I can. h5HdkEEDUBg
  8. I don't see this as being possible for a few reasons, mainly that the networks are separate from each other and would require patching to work properly. Cross platform just isn't a thing that happens because of the upkeep, it just isn't worth the time and effort. You also have to keep in mind the expansion that Double Fine wishes to bring should Brutal Legend do well on PC. That sort of submission has a far less difficult barrier of entry through Steam than Sony or Microsoft can/will offer devs at the moment. Something pops up on PC? Instant patch can be pushed out. Something pops up on consoles? Gotta wait for verification and it can cost DF a chunk of money for each update they want to push out. Plus, I don't think we know if DF even has the rights to be able to push out any kind of updates for console versions of BL do we? And at that, cross platform play is extremely rare. I can think of a few cases where it was capable, and even then i'm not entirely sure about it. I think Dungeon Defenders offered cross-play between Steam and another console via gamespy's servers, and Dust 514 has a unique cross-play where it serves as the faction side of the greater scope universe of EVE Online. In theory it's a nice idea to have the playing field open with all of the possible players at once. But there's a lot of red tape that gets in the way of what should be a painless experience for developers and users alike, which makes Steam and hence the PC version of Brutal Legend the best version. Until we actually have a real and in the flesh massive metal utopia we can all run around in and beat each other into pulpy bits without the worry about that death thing, I fear the 3 Brutal playgrounds will have to remain separate.
  9. Using the menu is fairly inconsistent with Keyboard and Mouse. Some options can be selected with the arrow keys, while others can't. For example: On the matchmaking screen you can select everything with the left right up and down keys except for the ability to go down to the "Start Match" button which must be chosen with the mouse for no apparent reason. Some options also can't be selected or de-selected by hitting enter and must be messed with using the mouse. For example: the "Visuals" menu has no checkboxes that can be checked/unchecked by hitting enter, even though elsewhere on the UI enter works as a "select" button. Finally, I noticed that the volume sliders are very buggy and don't really slide that well. Sometimes I need to click and drag and the slider may follow my cursor at random intervals, other times I have to click on the bar several times before the slider will jump to halfway between where I want it and where it was.
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