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  1. Seems like it was probably Shay's favorite stuffed animal's name. I assume the fix was shay saying the name if you attempt to interact with it again.
  2. I'm happy with the $15 I threw at double fine. I would love a more satisfying ending but I doubt any amount of money the backers could have given them would change what the game is.
  3. It just seems odd that the thrush were never dealt with, they seemed to just give up after the ships were destroyed. Then the credits start and suddenly the thrush are no longer a problem and everyone lives happily ever after.
  4. Evo435

    8-Bit Mode Gone?

    Still there for me in that version. Bottom right corner of the remapping screen.
  5. First time through I think it was around 5 hours for act 1. Haven't played through again for the story yet, second time through it took me a little over an hour for both acts.
  6. With the images shown during the credits it seems unlikely they will continue the story.
  7. It was just figured out on the steam forums. Still not sure if the info is hidden in game somewhere or if it is just guess work based on the other wire configurations. http://steamcommunity.com/app/232790/discussions/0/620712364026548926/
  8. Have to say I'm not a fan of characters that do things for no reason. I'm sure there was some reason for the way project dandelion was setup but it is either really unobvious or we simply are not given enough information to figure it out. The maidens do survive, you see them over on the same side as Vella and Shay's mom after the ships melt. Well presumably all of them survive you don't see all of them. Would be really interesting to see official answers to these questions.
  9. Not much in the way of specifics but I figured there was going to be another section where shay and vella are separated discovering the other ones world, then a final section where they are together and have to find out about/stop/help finish whatever mog chothra's real purpose was.
  10. Making all the backer only boards public and merging where it makes sense seems like the most reasonable choice.
  11. Neat, really like those early Dead Eye Druid sketches.
  12. Took notes on everything in the junk room attempting to figure out the name of shay's favorite stuffed animal, it ended up making the boot question very easy. Drew out the symbols and wire layouts for the hexipals.
  13. Is it actually the same?The power is supposed to go from where the color is to the other point. If that is the same as your charge pattern it could be a bug to report.
  14. The layout for the wires changes each new game. As much of the solution as I can give you (Highlight over here ->) Each pair of symbols represent the start and end point of the three wires, blue then yellow then red. You will have to experiment to find out where each symbol is.
  15. It happened to me immediately after I had made shay's ship grab alex's ship and then left the control room as shay.
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