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  1. I mentioned the sale on Facebook, that others may join the battle for Bladehenge.
  2. I'd start by opening up the song menu in the Deuce and checking out the game's default order. It's mixed a little better that way so you aren't getting songs by the same artist back-to-back, but it shouldn't be a jarring transition like Budgie to Bodom either.
  3. Crazy, but that's how it goes. Screencap here: http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/6348/brutallegend20130319135.png
  4. They look pretty much identical; there's some aliasing in both, and the 1080 version doesn't make a difference. Unless you're able to get a cleaner capture, just go with 720. Here are a couple of screencaps from your vids: 720 http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/4583/brutallegendgameplaytes.png 1080 http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/4583/brutallegendgameplaytes.png
  5. The opening cutscene (as well as the "Mr. Crowley" cutscene with Ophelia) is pre-rendered and visibly compressed, not done in real time, so your visual settings won't have much of an effect. You'll notice a difference once the gameplay starts, and most of the cutscenes after that are in real-time and look great in 1080.
  6. The sticky thread here was updated on 3/5/13; the date just hasn't been changed.
  7. After helping some Headbangers ambush some bad guys, this little flare (seen here to Eddie's left) was left hovering just above the road. http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/734/brutallegend20130227200.png
  8. We've all got good taste; I was thinking wallpaper too and had my finger over the screencapin' key at the same spot! http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/3198/brutallegend20130226141.jpg You got a nice shot with the lightning and the volcano; mine's similar but with some vortex action in the sky and showing off those awesome-looking waves. Kudos to the Double Fine folks; this PC release has me all kinds of excited.
  9. Everything Syd said; assuming you're going for a gaming PC, you can cut back in a few areas. Instead of an X79 motherboard, look at a Z77. Instead of the i7 processor, consider an i5. Make sure that the model is compatible with your motherboard; try a site like PCPartPicker or ask around to check. If you plan to overclock now or in the future, Intel processors with a K in their name (such as i5-3570K) are unlocked for overclocking. If you only ever plan to use stock speeds, getting a non-K model (and using the stock cooler) can save you a few dollars. The general consensus about RAM nowadays is that you'll want 4GB minimum, 8GB is recommended for a good deal of headroom, and 16GB–32GB is overkill. That said, it's cheap enough at the moment that going from 8 to 16 shouldn't break your bank. Make sure you get a 64-bit operating system (32-bit OS caps your RAM at 4GB no matter how much is installed). Windows 7 Home Basic caps your RAM at 8GB, Home Premium caps it at 16GB (which should be plenty), and anything higher/newer (7 Pro, Ult, or any 64-bit version of Windows 8) allow more RAM than any motherboard you'll be looking at. Don't spend too much more for higher RAM speeds; 1600 MHz should be plenty. Go for a pack of 2 sticks (if you want 8 GB, get a 2-pack of 4GB; if you want 16, get a 2-pack of 8GB) and check your motherboard's manual to make sure you put them in the right slots to run them in dual-channel mode, and once everything's running, check your BIOS to make sure they're running at their rated speeds. If you've got the cash for that video card, go for it, and you should be maxing out your games for quite some time. If you want to save a couple (hundred) bucks, consider a GTX 670 or 660Ti or an AMD equivalent. Personally, I'm running a GTX 570, a slightly older card that's weaker than all of the above, and I'm still maxing out just about everything at 1920x1080. It's more than enough for Brutal Legend.
  10. Just grabbed the latest patch. After navigating to the options menu, making a few tweaks, and backing out of the menu, the background disappeared, leaving only the arrows on the sides of the screen for navigating between Options and Multiplayer. I was still able to navigate back and forth, and both the options menu and multiplayer menu would come up when selected, just over a black (none more black, even) background. I exited and restarted the game, all was back to normal, and I wasn't able to reproduce the glitch. Specs: Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit SP1, GTX 570, Intel i5-3570k
  11. It would make hunting down the hidden stuff more convenient, although I don't know if I'd use it myself. Cruising around and listening to metal is a big part of what I enjoy about the game. Yeah, I do that in real life too, but Brütal Legend has better scenery.
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