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  1. Could you post a download for that save-file? Would be much appreciated.
  2. Im on Alpha 2a but if your referring to the door to the upper bedroom, I locked that in a vain attempt to keep out some raiders that ended up killing a bunch of my crew.
  3. Okay so I gave it another go, this time even adding more Monitors and plants. Still went all FUBAR. Maybe I have to many bars/barstools?
  4. i had 2 in the pub (reduced it to one when things started breaking in an attempt at triage). Im going to try and attach a bigger image directly to the boards here.
  5. Its hard to see because everything is on fire and whatnot but I did have several monitors (and plants) in the life support zones near the 02 producers. And yes, they were going to the pub, but most of them just seemed to stand there while only a couple ate even though I had food growing and being put in the fridge and two 5 star bartenders and two 3 star bartenders.
  6. Okay heres a pic after everything went awry. My main bedrooms were all decked out and I was trying to get scrap for the rest but otherwise my base seemed to be well laid out. link to bigger pic: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xrrfb60trihh18/Screenshot 2013-11-16 19.35.32.png (couldn't get this one to embed properly. In the spaces its suposed to be "percent symbol"20. For some reason it wont show here.) edit:fixed pic
  7. For the life of me I can't seem to get a base that functions properly. My people always get super sad and then never do anything. Below is a list of things I have done on my latest base in order to attempt a good base. - Multiple airlocks to keep congestion down - Redundant 02 Production in case some go down (they all seem to fail simultaneously) - More than enough beds for everyone - Well decorated in every room with monitors, plants, bedroom furniture and stuff for the bar - I had five 5-star techs (I built them up one at a time) - 2 bars, 2 fridges, 2 stoves and 4 or 5 tables - 8 planters in my hydroponics room. - Plenty of fire extinguishers - Some chefs, security, builders, etc (no one started off under 3 stars) Everything goes kablooey with oxygen like clockwork. At first my builders were able to keep up with demolishing and replacing broken 02 producers but eventually they became too sad and stopped doing anything. I cant seem to make them happy. Is anyone here able to build a successful base? And if so, how?
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