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  1. I am actually looking forward to this more than before since I saw the art direction and the sketches of game environments. Great!
  2. Day 3

    Those creature drawings, looking awesome so far!
  3. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Haha awesome! Love the environment textures so far too, really started go into the concept art direction, which I really liked
  4. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    I have been playing with Google Swiffy, which converts your Flash animations into HTML5 and I had achieved to convert my INTRO and END animations of the Crowbar game so far: I think it is pretty amazing, but it still lacks of performance in mobile. I wish I know more about HTML5 game engines to build a game, but I will be doing more games in Unity pretty soon. Thanks everybody who commented on the game!
  5. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    I should probably add all new games and prototypes to the recipe book, thanks for your comment. 203
  6. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Thanks to my friend Quinn Stephens, the developer of Alpaca game engine, The Crowbar Game is on his website, now at the bottom of the page: Thanks for everybody for their lovely comments. Hope to meet some other time on another project!
  7. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Thanks Acefox, I hope you like the jokes We worked together on the jokes with my wife, and that piece was my wife's idea. And Ham joke was mine, but it was made because I was too tired to draw the whole sentence on the wall that day And for the glass cup, yes, there is. You can use it on the Party glass on the final room, to listen another beautiful song of Tommy Tornado, my musician friend who score the music for the game. Thank you for your wishes, I hope so too!
  8. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Tim twitted today, so I will try my luck too!
  9. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Thanks Victor! I am glad you liked the solution. Actually it changed a lot along the design. First it was just like a wallet coming out of the fanny pack, but I did not like the usage and how it blocks one third of the game screen: I think now it is not full efficient either. I wish that I could attend another hot spot for the real fanny pack he has on his belt, instead of having it only on the left-top of the screen. But I think I would need to hard program it on the code side, which I couldn't have much time to do that. This is the final look of the inventory in the game: Again, thank you so much for your comments
  10. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Thanks, buddy! I know that this is not an efficient way to make a game, but I keep learning I like starting the sketches by hand. I usually do not know from where to where it goes, sometimes I start with 3D and end up with 2D art. Here is some of the early and final stages of environment art and animations. For the guy on the ceiling fan, I had to drew the staging by hand, then I transferred them into Flash. But I love animating in Flash without guidelines too!
  11. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, John I hope you would like the game as well. By the way, I was able to play "Steed" yesterday, I love the illustrations of the book created by Emily, the design of the beautiful horse, Bellefire, and the gorgeous environments created by the team! Can't wait to see it as a full game, and other prototypes as well! Congrats!
  12. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    Sorry for the double post, guys. But I want to share more I just put together the drink recipes and the mugs we (my wife and I) designed for The Crowbar Game. She helped me a lot with the punch lines in the recipe book. I designed and drew all the mugs and recreate the logos. Most of the time I use Flash to draw vector art, because I love drawing anything in Flash. And if you feel like you don't want to play it, here is a short teaser for the game, containing some game play and spoilers:
  13. a Fan Game for Double Fine

    While waiting for the prototypes from Amnesia Fortnight to come out, I want to share with you a fan game that I made with my wife last summer for Double Fine. It was just an idea first, but after the summer, I decided to draw everything and put them together in Flash in three months in a game engine, and my wife wrote the narratives, and we decided to share it with you. Here it is. All yours, all Double Fine's: The Crowbar (So sorry to hear in the last episode that strangers with crowbars were around the office, and they broke into the office. This game was made before these incidents and not intentionally built about those issues. However, I hope that this game will stop those who try to steal DF properties.) Few notes about this game before you play: -Strangers are not welcome in Double Fine unless they are worthy adventurers. -A worthy adventurer never carries a real crowbar. -Double Fine Games are like addictive beverages, once you finish them, you want more! You can Play The Crowbar from here.