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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9lQWvuJJAA ok so an explanation of that vid: this is right after I meet lars, some things are invisible or flickering. I have my driver settings so it's not forcing MSAA and I don't know what do. My AA is set to none and most things are off, and I'm playing on windowed mode.
  2. Dunno if anyone else is getting this but whenever I load up SP or MP the loading screen sticks so I can't see anything. I haven't read anything about this problem so it might be hardware related buuuut idk. Just reporting I guess.
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    Beta Bug

    Hey all, I have a pretty crippling bug. I D/L'd t this game last night after the 2/21/13 patch and when I connect to a bot match sometimes the loading screen sticks, I can hear footsteps when i walk around and normal start-of-game sounds but I can't see anything because the loading screen. When this doesn't happen, the game starts up as normal but I can't see my avatar or my enemies' stage, or mine for that matter. Anyone else with this issue?
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