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  1. i thought the game was great. Really easy to get into and figure out intuitively. at first i thought the pace was too fast. As I kept playing i realized that maybe prioritizing ministers was a good idea and then the pace was less overwhelming. also I think the faster pace goes with the idea of multiple playthroughs (which I think Anna mentioned) During the second act I wanted to do some stuff like name cities but was more worried about other non-spoily-type-things and so never got around to it (I imagine its hard to balance between open leader experience and directive-based gameplay) beautiful art/music. talking heads were great and had a lot of personality (great writing!). Can't imagine what else you could do with this if you did all this in two weeks =)
  2. just saw the playthrough on twitch! great job guys! can't wait to play the prototype http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/508262927 @ 2hrs3min
  3. +1 press freedom is too extreme very interested about the mechanics of the game, but obviously that would probably best best discovered playing the game itself =) Not sure if you're familiar with the game "twilight struggle" but like a lot of games they incorporated chance into outcomes (despite best intentions). Ie you'd have a 50% chance of progressing if you invested (time) into the space race...:
  4. sorta reminds me of crusader kings, a very successful political game that in some ways really doesn't seem that different from what you're proposing. two successful aspects are how your decisions early on influence play later on and actually how it handles tragedy/humor
  5. The impression I got is that he enjoyed the game overall, especially the unfolding of the story and would play act 2
  6. worth taking a look! http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/432712414/ar-k-an-old-school-game-with-a-new-twist/
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