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  1. I found a problem with controls. If you changed primary and secondary vehicle attack buttons from mouse to something different, you still need to click LMB in order to attack, when you ride an animal. Also i noticed that game didn't recognize changed mouse buttons for tips.
  2. Looks like there is some problem with Steel-Quilled Blade. I talked to the Hunter several times, but Axe didn't appear on my character or in Motor Forge, and i can't get the Overkill and Metal God achievments. I'm doing this in "Free" mode after beating the game.
  3. The only thing you can do right now is to lower draw distance and wait for a patches.
  4. I think the roadies are supposed to be seethrough. Yeah, i messed up, sorry.
  5. They can add option to upgrade game to Soundtrack Edition in Steam, like Trine 2 Collector's Edition Upgrade for Trine 2 http://store.steampowered.com/app/35720. I've actually made same mistake, didn't know that Peter McConnell made such awesome music for this game.
  6. Nines

    Beta notes

    If you invite a friend into your lobby you can look for matches against randoms no prob! It'll auto match you with similarly sized groups of other folks looking for matches. But if i don't have friends, who bought BL and i want to play 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4? 8-/
  7. Some bugs that i found. 1. SSAO and transparency textures problem (Radeon HD6570) Textures 02.27 http://upyourpic.org/images/201301/4wflnv92wf.jpg 02.28 http://upyourpic.org/images/201301/iyt8c4ctih.jpg SSAO 02.28 http://upyourpic.org/images/201301/j8jntzlg3d.jpg 2. Comic cutscene problem 02.28 http://upyourpic.org/images/201301/qy712jeulg.jpg 3. Fletus mission. Missing texture? 02.27 http://upyourpic.org/images/201301/cgcog6fo8g.jpg
  8. Nines

    Beta notes

    Forgot to mention it, but at the end of the match, when everyone fight with each other around the stage, game often crashes on the Brutal Victory screen.
  9. Nines

    Beta notes

    Hi everyone. First i want to thanks Double Fine for bringing this game to PC. The game port is pretty good, especially if you are using a gamepad. And Double Thanks for snatching this brand from dead cold hands of EA. So, about the multiplayer. I like the idea, but with such matchmaking it will die soon. I'm talking not about dedicated servers, but about at least comfortable lobby, like Left 4 Dead, when you can create a room, and wait for a players. Game support 4 vs 4, but looks like without a friends you can create only 1 vs 1. About the performance. On my seriosly outdated hardware (Athlon 64+ 3000 (single core), 2gb ram, HD6570 1gb) game works fine at the start (around 30 fps), but during the battle i have only 5-10 fps. I believe if developers can reduce processor load, it would be good for all, even for dual core owner's. There is also "choppy animation" bug, and i don't know what causing it. Maybe it's because of enabled VSync, but with disabled it's still there, you just see it less often. Sometimes ESC button (ingame and on keyboard) is inactive, and you can't quit from MP menu. And yeah, it is possible to replace default mouse cursor to something different?
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