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    Hi there! I am a recent graduate of the Algonquin College Game Development program, and enjoy programming. I also like reading and writing, a lot. And Double Fine. Love Double Fine games.
  1. So today I finally did the no-death run. I used the Knight, Monk, and Time Traveller. Knight to use his ability for jumps and dynamite, Monk to grab items from afar, and Time Traveller because I had the entire level down pat. (Also, if you are using the Monk, his ability can be used to get a Hot Dog from the vending machine in the crystal monster section from a distance, without needing to go through powering the recorder or carrying a hot dog from earlier.)
  2. The Curse of Monkey Island. It was the only game like it that I or any of my friends had ever played, so much so that describing adventure games in my circle of friends was referred to as "like Monkey Island" forever afterwards. Eventually moved on to the GBA version of Broken Sword, and then Escape from Monkey Island. (GBA version looked pretty good... until I saw the PC version. But as far as GBA games go, it looks quite nice. All of the beautifully animated cutscenes in the PC version are chopped into a bunch of still frames as well, so if that bothers you, maybe don't play the GBA version)
  3. Hey guys, I've been having a slight argument with a friend lately, and I thought I would come here to settle it. My friend is convinced The Cave is the result of the Kickstarter crowd funding masterpiece this section of the forum is dedicated to. I was fairly certain that it hasn't been released yet and that The Cave was a different project altogether. I was just wondering if someone could clear this up? (I wasn't sure which sub forum to post this to, which I think points more to my opinion, but whatever. If this should go somewhere else, just let me know.) Thanks! (And if it turns out I'm the right one... I greatly look forward to this game. If my friend is right, great job guys!)
  4. Playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my 3DS for the first time. Just finished the Shadow Temple earlier today, in fact.
  5. Haha, the lotus blossom puzzle proved quite conclusively I have almost no patience.
  6. I loved the writing and dialogue, I enjoyed the style of the art in the game, and I really liked the gameplay. But what stands out isn't one set level, but the variety of them. For instance, going from Lungfishopolist to the Milkman Conspiracy, the difference was incredible. Raz goes from a gigantic character destroying everything in his path, to essentially powerless and hiding from the "spies". From a level full of dozens of enemies constantly attacking you to next to none in the entire level, it really made me feel that a lot of thought went into each level. It was amazing.
  7. Ucantalas

    No Death Run?

    Hi there! So, long story short, I love the Cave. I have now played through it 13 times, all on the Xbox version, most times with two of my roommates, but sometimes by myself to get the Player 1 Exclusive achievements. Speaking of achievements, I have one left to get: "Who Wants to Live Forever" (play through with no deaths), and I was wondering: Who do you guys think are the best characters to pick for such a play through? On the one hand, the monk can make getting certain items a lot easier, but the mountain path in his level is quite treacherous. I was kind of leaning towards a Twins/Time Traveler/Hillbilly run, but wanted to know what you guys think works best.
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