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  1. I guess that if it doesn't change, I'll have to ask for a refund on steam, because for 3 weeks, I cant play that game.
  2. I don't know if it's important but we also all have an athlon II processor. I think it could be the problem because, when playing crysis 3, I had some drivers problem, but it never made the all computer crash, just the video driver, and it was always able to recover. Whereas when brutal legend crash, we only get a blackscreen, the sound stutter, and we can't to anything but a hard reboot. Can it be the processor?
  3. @sebbie_25: give more details about your PC to help Doublefine solves the problem: - proc - RAM - Windows - Catalyst version And anything else that could help.
  4. Can we hope a fix one day? Cause it's been 2 weeks since the release and nothnig changed!!!! It still continue to crash and I cant play AT ALL, since it randomly crashes. Tried with the 13.1 Catalyst nothing changed, it crashed for no reason after 10 minutes.
  5. I got the same problem with my radeon 6950. I had the crash at the exact same moment that you (lars Campfire). I managed to passed it one day but I don't know why as I didn't changed anything, the only thing I did was erase prefs.sav cause there was a patch this day and it seemed necessary. After that I was able to play for nearly 1h30 without any problem. Next day, I tried to play and got the crash again (black screen + rebbot with power). As it looks like, the bug looks like a crash of the video driver, except that the driver cannot reboot. The games sound is also stuttering when it crashes. Hope you can fix it soon, as I can't play, just like the OP. I'll try revert to the Catalyst 13.1 to see if it improves anything, and let you know.
  6. I don't know how but crash sdisappear before last update and I was able to play. But today I strated again, totally random game crash with black screen, forced to reboot. Please help I want to play!
  7. I got the same kind of problem: game was running fine (with all the bugs already mentionned before like no sound on the worm, shadow disappeaing when you approach..) but when I arrive at Bladehenge, the video plays, I see Lars on top of the mountain but as soon as the next video start (firecamp) the game crashes: Black screen, sound continuing for a few second then lag and I'm forced to reboot. Tried 5 times, impossible to pass this cutscene, game always crash. Hardware info (if it can help): Windows 7 64bit Phenom II X4 965BE Radeon HD 6950 1Go with Catalyst 13.2 beta 6 Hope double fine can fix this, cause I can play the game at all
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