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  1. mcin… macin… macintosh version?
  2. Given Amnesia Fortnight's spirit of experimentation, it seems that itch.io would be the perfect kind of place to house the prototypes that resulted from it. (Especially now that you can no longer buy them on Humble.) I don't know whether it would be more appropriate to charge 99¢ each for them, or name your own price, or whatever, but I think it would be a very receptive, untapped audience for Doublefine's one-off mini-games. It couldn't hurt, and it would bring new people to DF's games. I know that at least one game (Everything) published by Doublefine is being sold on itch.io, although it looks like the developer might be selling it there on his own.
  3. The profitability of "premium" (non-free-to-play) mobile games has been kinda questionable for a few years now. The people raking in dolla bills are doing so with in-app-purchases. Doublefine briefly experimented with this model on Middle Manager of Justice (which IMHO was easy enough to play without buying anything, so not many people did. Doublefine is just too damn gentle & friendly to make a cutthroat, lucrative, addictive phone game like Superhero Mobile Ant Farm Slot Machine 9000.) Add to that the costs of supporting many different versions of Android across a wide variety of devices, and the prevalence of piracy for single player offline games on Android (above 90%), and you've got an even weaker business case. Even on iOS, with far fewer device models & OS versions to support, and way less piracy, a lot of companies are saying it isn't cost effective to keep updating their premium games. iOS is set to probably go 64-bit-only later this year, and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth for teh millionz of 32-bit apps left in the dust. So, I wouldn't hold my breath! (Esp. for open source) It would be interesting if there were third-party Android devs who, on spec, might take under-supported apps & games and update them to see if they fare better, in exchange for a cut of subsequent revenues. Kinda like what Doublefine is doing with Schafer's old Lucasarts games, on a much shorter nostalgia cycle. But, I don't know if there are. Yet.
  4. Transparency does invite pummeling from the internet, since transparency exposes vulnerabilities as well as strengths.
  5. At the risk of engaging in magical thinking, this news may not be as surprisingly bad as seems. It doesn't really say much that wasn't already known. Doublefine has recently wrapped a few projects (Hack 'n Slash, Spacebase, CQ2) in short order. If I recall, there weren't any immediate layoffs even when Spacebase was stopped. Layoffs at the end of big projects are a common feature in game development and other industries that operate on the basis of discretely-funded contracts. Construction companies hire when they get new projects, and lay off when the work is done. Not only sometimes, but *usually* there isn't a consistent amount of work for such a company over time. They expand and shrink, shrink and expand. If you can't shrink, you can collapse. Doublefine has resisted these vicissitudes with different methods of crowdfunding, but crowdfunding hasn't made them entirely immune. They probably could have tried to kickstart another project on their own, but I imagine they feel compelled to first finish the two projects they've already funded that way. If that's true, it's a wise decision. Rather than making today what would look like a desperate appeal, next year they can hopefully point to two proud kickstarted accomplishments when they set out to launch a third, which might mean hiring again. They just will have had to take a bitter pill to get there.
  6. As of this moment, the Official Hack 'n' Slash Wiki still says, (Emphasis mine!) But… that sentence has also proven misguided about the release date, so it seems unknown whether plans changed, or whoever wrote it had a reliable source in the first place, or a DRM-free release is still (silently) planned.
  7. I think it's a combination of several things. The money needed is high amount for a Kickstarter goal, and such a large ask could turn people away. […] Most importantly, a publisher is only a bad thing if the deal with them sucks. Kickstarter has opened the door to self publishing, which in turn means publishers are going to be offering better deals. Also, as an indie focused publisher, they have gotten used to (and thus plan for) the kinds of things indies want in their publishing deals; like keeping the IP (which they do standard). Thanks for your thoughts! I've found the "process stuff" to be the most interesting part of Kickstarters and public projects in general. Confession: Until today's announcement, I had never played Costume Quest. Figuring it must be good if it's worthy of a sequel, I've now visited Steam to amend this. It is wonderfully designed and fun, if a little too easy, gameplay-wise. I wonder how similar CQ2 will be in appearance. Announcements are supposed to be accompanied by artwork! (Right?!)
  8. I'm guessing, then, that Majesco/Midnight City is funding development. I'm curious why DoubleFine made this arrangement with an outside publisher for in-house IP. Presumably DoubleFine couldn't fund the development by itself. So why not have another Kickstarter? Did DF not think a Kickstarter would be successful for some reason? There is at least one example of a game company (inXile) launching a second KS before the release of the product from a previous KS. Although, I suppose DF already did that with Massive Chalice, and there's a limit to how many books you can check out at the library, even if self-imposed. Edit: Hmm, I discovered a kind of non-answer answer over at Polygon: So, they sound like good people to work with, at least. (Or at least you have to say so when you've just made a business deal with them…)
  9. So, how does it work that this Bagel guy has worked there for 13 years, but he has to come "visit"? Does he work from home far away?
  10. I'm also experiencing this issue on an early 2011 MacBook Pro with the latest OSX.
  11. My point stands. Also, for this: For this, you lose every argument, always & forever. It's true that the name isn't the worst thing about him, but that's all that can be said for it. He went too far with his ambition to sell toys to children, in his distinctive flavor of gobbledygook, until his shriveling forebrain utterly quit working sometime in the mid-1980s (or earlier, depending who you ask).
  12. Lucas's style of making up names is very effective, at its best, at distilling a character into a kind of memorable archetype. At worst, however, it turns out things like "Lieutenant Porkins" or "Jar Jar Binks".
  13. No. He really just made up cute-sounding gobbledygook, or often just used descriptive English words as names (I'm lookin' at you, Lieutenant Porkins).
  14. In the trailer, you can hear someone being referenced by a name that sounds a lot like "Mog Chathra". This gives me bad George Lucas vibes, and I worry it will make other people worry that your forebrains have quit working, which is surely not the case. troll> (Note: title of this forum is "Broken Age Bugs *and Feedback*")
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