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  1. I'm sorry to hear what happened, Biggins. [hugs] You been doing alright? I thought Darth was the guy in his avatar. Unless that is a photograph from a while back. Also, Darth: the person who designed the Ghostbusters set released instructions on making the firehouse, because the set won't come with it. Carl, you wouldn't happen to be thebreadgod on Tumblr, would you?
  2. If I had control of Steam, I'd add pre-made tags as well. You could only use pre-made tags, and 'casual' wouldn't be in the list, because 'casual' has morphed to some people into meaning 'this game is easy/stupid/too short/I don't get it, therefore, it's worth nothing and nobody should enjoy it'. If I did have to use it, though, I'd say that I think most games I think of as 'casual' are iOS games, short, not a ton of content, but I think eventually mobile devices will have the battery and memory power to play 'regular' games.
  3. I'm not condoning her behavior, I just think "You were on Disney once, therefore, you're never allowed to grow up or express an interest in sexuality, ever," is a dumb argument. I don't think anyone here is arguing in defense of that viewpoint, thankfully.
  4. Seeing what happened to Shirley Temple Black was one of the reasons I was glad I was never a child actress. Seeing what happened to Shia LeBouf and Miley Cyrus kind of solidified that. There seems to be a common theme here with most of them-- nothing Shirley Temple Black did as an adult, even the really important stuff (being a diplomat to foreign countries, helping make it okay to publicly talk about having breast cancer) ever was as important to people than these films she made before they were born. Somehow it's shocking to people that Miley Cyrus (19), and the older ex-Disney stars, like Hilary Duff and Raven Symone, have love lives and an interest in sex, when it wouldn't be a big deal if they were famous. I think people seem to have forgotten that Shia LeBouf was a Disney star first, though, or they were too old/young to remember Even Stevens. Actors and musicians and stuff mostly exist as "that person from that thing I liked/hated" to a lot of fans, not as people.
  5. Five Guys - The "Steak Burger" (Grilled onions and A1) Smash Burger - The "New Jersey" (Bleu cheese, bacon, onion straws) Chili's - The burger slathered with Shiner Bock BBQ sauce. Can't go wrong with Shiner Bock, Dinosaur BBQ, or Jack Daniel's.
  6. Dang it. I've had it incorrectly defined for me, then. I thought they were both a kind of action RPG. My apologies.
  7. It looks to me somewhat like a foul-mouthed version of Costume Quest. Although something makes me think it was more of a hivemind sort of thing, and not actually inspired by Costume Quest. I believe it is an action RPG, but instead of 'press these buttons in this order before the timer runs out', it's more of 'waggle the control stick to fart'. Joking is fine, but anyone seriously makes fun of Book or Leroy, and I will have no tolerance for it.
  8. Farewell, Chris and Jane! We'll really miss you here at DFAF-- hope you come back and visit some times!
  9. Welcome back, ass. I look forward to getting to know you better.
  10. I love Nash! I watch RDA every week. Are they still together, though? I know he broke up with someone last year.
  11. I think it's really cool that they used an 80's cartoon art style, and a lot of really talented internet game reviewers, like TotalBiscuit, Honeydew, and Ashly Burch as VA's. I like playing Skolldir and Ayla a lot.
  12. I kind of wanted to do a few TGWTG Valentine's Day drawings of all of the various reviewer couples. Paw x Elisa, Chick x Todd, Lupa x Phaelous, and Diamanda x Omega. Married, dating, dating, married if I remember correctly.
  13. Isn't Russia also a lot worse about homosexuality than Utah was/is? Utah just prohibited gay marriage, while Russia not only prohibited it, it throws people in jail for being openly gay.
  14. So do I. It's not Max, though. Sadly. But it is Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse's older brother, who I believe is just as good.
  15. Thank you for all the warm birthday wishes, friends. I'm honored, and I really appreciate it. This is one of the best forums I've ever been honored to be a part of. Keep being awesome. <3 I took a quick snapshot of most of what I got, for the curious:
  16. I have an art thread here, if you'd like to take a look.
  17. Carl, how are you so awesome? And ah, sorry about repeating info you already knew re: Portal. WB Zeeman! How have you been?
  18. I think it's a mixture of knowing his origins, and never having a supernatural experience of my own. So as much as I would like for the paranormal to exist, there isn't anything in my personal life leading to the belief that something like that is possible. That isn't to say I don't get scared by horror, though, but real-life horror subjects like serial killers affect me more. Slenderman is an example of why the internet is so impressive, though. A Photoshop became a mythos that became a web series, and that led to an indie game. I'm imagining a group of total strangers on /x/ becoming friends and compiling the SCP Foundation wiki together, bouncing ideas off of each other, etc. I'm waiting to get a more powerful computer before I try BrĂ¼tal Legend.
  19. I had my mind blown when I realized Portal's cake was actually a reference to Mr. Pokeylope's cake, or at least, the "Delicious and moist!" line was. Two of the writers on Psychonauts worked on Portal.
  20. I've gotten two. One for Team Fortress 2, the other for Psychonauts. I don't buy cards unless there's two or less I need in a set, and I really want the badge/background/emoticon. I've started doing commissions to finish off sets for people who can't afford a fancy commish.
  21. After seeing KR0, I kind of want to see a Welcome To Night Vale game in the same style. I think the mythos would work well for a game, but being a radio show-type podcast, obviously the physical depictions of the characters are very subjective. KR0 depicts some characters with visuals, others with text, and does well with spooky ambient noise. So for more subjective characters, they would only be depicted as text, as not to lead to an argument in the fandom on what depiction of a character is "more canon".
  22. It is these games that should be remade-- at least, the ones among these games that fall into the "good idea, terrible execution" category. Leave good games alone except if they need to be massively updated technically for younger audiences who didn't get to play them the first time. Approach a failure with a new team, or members of the old team that are older and wiser now, and see if you can't redesign and rejigger crap into a diamond this time around.
  23. Ah, I just Googled Loom. I'm an uncultured idiot, apologies. Welcome, Slenderfan. Slenderman is...interesting. I'm not quite sure how a SomethingAwful Photoshop contest image became the massive phenomenon it did, but it impresses me that the internet latched so strongly onto it. I like watching other people get scared when they play the game, but regrettably, it's not my thing. I am notably very hard to scare, though.
  24. I don't honestly know much about tea other than that I really enjoy drinking it. I admit that. I'd love to learn more, though.
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