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  1. My dA. Warning: Some stuff slightly NSFW, but not to a crazy extent. I also post TF2, Portal, Half-Life, Pokemon, MLP, and Metalocalypse fanart there.
  2. There's been two questions I've had for awhile: 1. Were Raz's mom and siblings ever officially named? 2. Was the "is Dr. Loboto Bobby's dad" question ever officially resolved?
  3. I can't go this year, but I plan to go at least once in the future. Have fun, be safe, don't get sick, and make sure to take pics!
  4. I already like you. Your avatar is of Marceline, and you're a fellow MLP:FiM fan. I don't know if I have any "guilty pleasure" songs of my own, not in the sense that I'm ashamed to be listening to them, but I do have a lot of songs I don't publicly mention listening to often, because I've gotten a very negative reaction when I do mention I'm a fan, and I don't want to deal with an argument. These songs are usually in one of two camps: 80's pop music, and anything in the vein of progressive rock.
  5. It might've been. I know the mascot was a cartoon chicken. I think we chose the East Coast because it was cheaper to drive to the East of Canada from where we are in the U.S. I do not know who that man is, but his ushanka is amazing.
  6. I have been to Toronto (first time) and Montreal (second time). Montreal had some really good moments, though, like getting to go to Tim Horton's for the first time, and Petit , this really good chicken chain, and Canada in general is just beautiful.
  7. I do. Canada is the only country outside the US I have been to. The first time it was fun, the second time we went to a different province and it was not so fun, but I did not blame the problems we had on Canada itself, as there was a lot of extraneous stuff going on between our family and having car troubles that could have happened anywhere. I like Canada. I'd love to go again.
  8. I hadn't seen that one before, but it made me smile. I have a spare Description Tag lying around, I was thinking of adding "I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious." onto my Mad Milk. I am also tempted to get a Brutal Bouffant and rename it "Tim Schafer's Bi-Level Mullet" after the Psychonauts commentary.
  9. I think everyone here will understand this reference. If I had any skill at 3-D modeling, I’d make a skin replacement for Medic’s “Solemn Vow” so it would be a tacky Tiffany Lamp with jiggleboned beads coming off it.
  10. I'm having a lot of trouble with certain jumps (which is why Gloria and Fred's levels are still unfinished), but I think what I need to do is loosen up a bit. I sometimes get psyched out when playing a game, and I can't do well if I worry too much about doing well. I played a bit of Spiral Knights, and it's fun, but I've had to stop playing for now, because there's simply too much stuff on my hard drive to have any more than a few games installed at one time. I hope to come back to it at some point.
  11. Agh, sorry about that. I was caught up in a phone call with someone, I'll try again next week.
  12. Did you beat all stages of the punching game in the Oleanders brain? I'm trying to go through all the worlds and locate the collectables first, but I am planning on beating the punching game at one point for that secret 1%.
  13. Psychonauts: First playthrough, Level 80 (going for at least 100%, if not 101%), just finished Black Velvetopia, almost at the end of Gloria's Theatre and Waterloo World. Torchlight: Level 25 of the dungeon, playing as an Alchemist with a Cat as my pet. I'm on the quest where I've become sick from the Ember, and I'm trying to find a cure. Plants vs. Zombies: New Game Plus, trying to unlock the last Plant and the Yeti Zombie. Team Fortress 2: Just completed my first rank of Mann Up missions, so I got a Strange Rust Minigun from that. I'm trying to level it and my new Strange Medigun up a bit.
  14. Thank you, Sexy Robot! excellent, excellent!! now for the final step of the program: you have to make some posts in an off-topic thread besides this one. think you can handle it? I can totally do that. I have also set up an art thread, so I will be posting there as well.
  15. I don't know why there's not more Linda fanart. I should draw more of her, then! I don't often get a chance to draw monsters, but it's really fun! Hey, I'm glad to be recognized from Tumblr! Thank you, I like knowing my art works with what I'm drawing. And I'd love to see yours, too! --- EDIT: Here's more art, albeit a very rough sketch. The Asylum inmates (and Crispin Whytehead).
  16. Nah, I still think you guys are all really pretty cool so far. Sorry about not coming back online last night. After class got out early, I watched Paranorman again with a bunch of friends, and as soon as the DVD features afterwards were done, I fell asleep. It's a film I'd put up there as "things you may enjoy if you like Psychonauts". I get a similar sort of feel from it.
  17. Sorry about that, I just had to step out to go to class (which thankfully got out early today). Nobody's scary yet. You guys are pretty cool, actually.
  18. Here's an inked sketch of four of my favorite Psychonauts characters. And Linda, because who doesn't love Linda? Here's the colored version of the part with Sasha and Milla:
  19. I'm not related to ludacris, but yes, that's sort of where my name comes from. I'm into Team Fortress 2, and couple of years ago, there was a trend of replacing the lyrics of a pop song with TF2 voice samples, and combining the name of the original musician with the class replacing them (so Medic + Ludacris = Medacris). There was also a Scoutacris and a Heavy Cruz amongst my group of friends, but I think they've mostly changed their usernames now. Ah well. I won't let you guys down, and I promise to be active! Scout's honor. *salute*
  20. My username is medacris, but I usually go by meda, or my real name, Molly. I'm 22, a college student, and one of my aspirations is to be an artist, although I'm still not sure what career path I plan to go towards. Other than video games, I enjoy drawing (mostly fanart), reading comic books, watching all kinds of cartoons, and listening to music. I'm currently trying to branch out and listen to more music outside of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons, so to speak. Psychonauts is the only Double Fine game I've played so far. I have a Mac (but am lacking in a PS3/360), so I'm going to track down Stacking and any subsequent DF games that come to Mac. I remember wanting to play Psychonauts since I was...14, I think, when it first came out, but I shared my PS2 with my siblings at the time, and a lot of the games I wanted were voted down. I'm making up for it now. Probably the funniest, most artistically-inspiring game I've ever played. I like cartoony games, and/or games with a good sense of heart and humor. This forum seems pretty nice, so I'm looking forward to making friends here.
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