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  1. Things that make me very happy: The public release of Broken Age, and seeing all of my friends who weren't backers/slacker backers finally playing it. Also, Ke$ha, we need to discuss tea some time. I've never tried to invoke a lucid dream, but I do love myself some tea. I have Earl Grey, Mint, and Chai at my dorm right now. I think the most "out there" flavor I've had is licorice, which was surprisingly good. Things that frustrate me: A lot about that Sly teaser. I'm undecided about the pants and lack of cel-shading, but Murray looks awful, and Sly sounds totally off. At least, maybe with the redesigns, maybe Carmelita will finally get a practical outfit. Things that nearly make me bawl my eyes out on and off all weekend: Justin/JewWario's death. He was such a sweetheart, so adorable, very kind, knowledgeable, and funny. How could you hate a guy who likes cooking, Wario, Pokémon, Japanese import games, anime, kitties, visual novels, and Kamen Rider? He actually has a huge fandom in Japan, apparently. They call him "Uncle Wario."
  2. Oh man. I was already tearing up over how hard Camden and the rest of the team were working, and seeing Tim's pride at all the positive tweets/Livestreams, but I didn't catch this. Ryan was an amazing guy. I still miss him. I'm going to try and get everyone I can to buy Broken Age, if they haven't already. It's Elijah Wood's birthday. If they don't, they get the sad Frodo face. One cannot resist the sad Frodo face.
  3. I was rooting for you, Biggins. Just give her her space to work out whatever problems she's dealing with, and then perhaps ask her again if she seems to feel better. And keep in mind, it's not personal. Most likely has to deal with an ex prior to meeting you. I think we could eventually make a good video game or anime film, we just need more practice as an industry. I remember hearing that the new GiTS OVA was iffy, if only because they stuck a lot of advertisements in there for various products.
  4. I think it's valid to leave an opinion here and then come back and revisit your earlier opinion, especially if it changes. And I have a feeling it will. I like both of them so far-- Vella does have a "rebellious princess" feel to her, given her situation. And I think I'm more sympathetic towards Shay than some other players do, perhaps, especially since I've been in a similar situation.
  5. Actually, no. I'll still listen to the stuff he did with the band before he left, he's still a very talented bass player. I may not check out anything he does afterwards, though. And thank you, people have told me I'm moral before, but I guess it depends on your point of view whether or not that's a good thing. I do feel sorry that he's under such a microscope, but that doesn't excuse his behavior.
  6. This is the only thing I'll say on the topic of Justin Bieber: I remain neutral on the topic of his music. Pop music is almost never my thing, and saying "I'm not a fan of pop music, and I'm not 13, and I hate this" would be idiotic, because his music isn't geared towards me, so of course there's a good chance I won't like it. As a person, I increasingly don't like him. He's apparently very disrespectful to others, he (apparently) said very nasty things on the subject of abortion, and he was just arrested because he nearly killed someone. Call me cold, but if it were another musician in his place, one I actually listened to, and they were arrested for the same thing Justin Bieber was arrested for, I'd still want them in jail. One of my favorite bass players was ousted from my favorite band for robbing a drug store while high a few years back. I've divorced him from the band in my mind, and I'm very glad he was jailed and sent to rehab. Another musician I like is in rehab for sexual assault, and I'm not sure if I want to listen to him anymore either. On the topic of Frozen and Brave, I'm glad they subverted the Disney formula in places, and I quite enjoyed both films, but I think they could have gone farther. With Frozen, differentiate the faces more, and redesign the horse so it looks different from every other Disney horse. With Brave, I think it had the unintentional moral of "If you disagree with a family member, if you talk it out, things will be fine." Which sadly, doesn't always happen-- you don't even get to the talking things out part with some people. But that's really just personal preference, not an actual fault. With the broken PS3 and the vomiting-- you both okay?
  7. Confessions: 1. I misheard that Van Halen song as "Animal" for the longest time 2. My favorite Mark Hamill role is Senator Stampingston from Metalocalypse, because he deadpans the most amazingly bizarre dialogue
  8. A bellhop is left in charge of a hotel for the night and is involved with events taking place in four different rooms, each written and directed by a different person(Rodriguez and Tarantino among them). Oh, neat. I like Tarentino, and I haven't seen anything of Rodriguez's that isn't Machete, but I liked it.
  9. * Art * Writing * Debating * Being assertive * Social interaction (I still hyperventilate a bit when in a large group of strangers)
  10. Same here. There's not much to do nearby unless you have/know someone who has a car.
  11. I'm not familiar with Four Rooms, what's it about? I treat "oh my God" as an expression rather than anything religious, but I can see how it might bother some people who are more religious than I am.
  12. He's 13 or 14. He's a nice kid, not always the sharpest tool in the tool shed, but still, an easy typo to make. I'm just glad there was nothing to worry about.
  13. Can you then please tell me how to not be a newbie anymore? It can't be a matter of having played many of these games for a long time, as I've been playing adventure games since 1995, and still identify more with medacris than you. Is it possible to learn to become better at solving adventure games? If so, I'd love to hear your suggestions, because adventure game are my favourite genre. This here. I'm sorry if I was an idiot or made a bad first impression on you all-- I hope nobody's upset. I don't want to be a newbie forever, I'd prefer to earn your respect.
  14. My cousin told me he got shot and it hurt, and I immediately started worrying, until my aunt texted me to clarify that he got a shot at the doctor's office, and it was just a poor choice of words. I'm glad there's nothing to worry about.
  15. A Raz helmet might be cool, maybe made out of some kind of leathery material. I'm trying to find one for my cosplay, but I have no idea where to look. I'm all for gaming merch beyond t-shirts and hoodies. I love them, but I have a lot of them already. I need more stuff like slippers, bathrobes, pajama pants, maybe a tank top, a hat...
  16. It is next to certain that this is a puzzle in act two or a puzzle cut from the game. There is a chute that is only accessible by the sweeper bot, and the sweeper bot appeared in a very deliberate fashion for the cereal segment. If they are tweaking act two to be more difficult, I would expect this puzzle to be reintroduced if it was cut, or present if it was always meant to be in act two. Alternate theory: You go back there with Vella in Act 2, and she can solve it with something she has in her inventory, and vice versa with Shay and the snake.
  17. This makes me incredibly happy-- I have a soft spot for Milla Vodello, darling. And I've loved Axe Cop since the early days of the comic. You, my friend, are awesome.
  18. Like I said, there is something preventing me. I'm broke, and I refuse to illegally download them. The fact that some of them have never been ported to Mac also doesn't help. We didn't have a ton of money when I was a kid, either. It's not like I didn't want to play them. I backed this because I wanted to make up for that. I backed it also because I'm familiar with Tim's writing, and I know I like his stuff. The comic book comment was a response to the kinds of fans who have read 50+ years of canon on a character, and get annoyed when a newbie comes in and might want something to make the story easier to get into without having to read as much. "Newbies' opinions don't matter. We don't want you here. You're not allowed to like this." It just makes me feel really unwelcome both with adventure game fans, or gamers in general, and comic book fans. That's why I put myself down earlier. I felt horrible, I still do. It's like I'm not permitted to be happy with the game. I think the "broader audience" thing was to avoid what happened with Psychonauts and Brütal Legend, the "critically loved but didn't do well financially" problem.
  19. My mom was horrified I had even heard of 50 Shades of Grey, and I've almost graduated college, so I think I'd have to track down Leisure Suit Larry somewhere and play it in private. Although she pretty much limited me to Disney movies and Don Bluth, which weren't exactly squeaky-clean, either. And I'm sorry you think I'm an idiot. I don't hate difficulty, and I'm not against it, but I know I'm an idiot, which is why I want something even I can accomplish on my own. Video games are our escape, we play them because life is hard and we need to have control and accomplishment to relieve stress.
  20. I think you're looking at this entirely the wrong way. First off, I definitely wanted to play these games as a kid. I was just too young. And I backed this, as you said, and I paid for as many other DF games as I could afford with my limited budget, so I don't get how you come off saying I'm not loyal or I won't stick around. The only one betraying you is YOU. You want adventure games to be a private niche-y little club where nobody under 25 is welcome, and everyone has to prove themselves over and over to be a "real" fan. That's the real reason adventure games wouldn't sell. That's why we have a hard time selling comic books even to people who have seen every Batman movie or cartoon. Because you want to raise the entrance fee so incredibly high that nobody feels welcome. And that, to be honest, is insulting. And you know what? Maybe the game was too easy because you've played so many darn adventure games that NOTHING would be difficult for you anymore. You're too genre savvy for it to be a challenge. I got exactly what I wanted, and ten times more than I paid for. Nothing needs to be changed, save for the stray graphical and textual glitches. Act 1 was perfect.
  21. I don't want to be stuck for an hour or need hints, that's the thing. I don't want Act 2 to be harder than Act 1. I love very simple games, something a total idiot and newbie like myself can do on their own. That's why I kinda appreciate hand-holding in games.
  22. Welcome back, Ace! How's it been? I love Crème brûlée too. I'm kind of sad that I won't be able to see my sister on her birthday this year, we usually have that for her birthday dessert. Glad you liked it, Leroy! 'Least I could do for you for joining Bookdust and I on Skypechats/watching Farscape and Community. Now our avatars match, heh.
  23. The depressed girl from Meriloft (Whenever there's a depressed character in a game, like her, or like Clem and Crystal, I always wish there was at least some kind of "hug" option directed towards them), Rocky, Grandpa Beastender, Ch't, M'ggie, Grabbin' Gary, Curtis, Space Weaver, Dead Eye Dawn & Courtney, and Marek. I think Marek is almost guaranteed, though, considering how Act 1 ended.
  24. I didn't think it was too easy at all (there were a couple of puzzles where I struggled with them for over an hour, and eventually had to go to the forum for a hint), but as I've said before, I didn't get a chance to play a single point-and-click adventure game as a kid. I think my parents didn't think they were age-appropriate for me at the time, even though, to my knowledge, very few of them had sex or violence in them. I prefer easier, more approachable games. It's the best way (I think) to get into a genre I'm previously unfamiliar with, it isn't too obtuse or intimidating, and I know some people (gamers and otherwise) who get really discouraged unless they know they'll be able to do something. I think that's why some people avoided gaming until smartphone games became really popular, they had this idea in their head that gaming was super-complicated, expensive, and clique-y, some kind of private club where if you hadn't been there since Day 1, you weren't invited. And I want gaming to be as open and approachable as possible. I want every person to be able to have at least one video game they enjoy playing.
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