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  1. He reminds me of Alan Rickman, too. Specifically Alan Rickman as Severus Snape.
  2. Favorite moments: * It runs really well on my Mac! Only minor glitches (I'll post these in another thread.) * Beautiful picture book Bagel art. * Peter McConnell soundtrack, yissss. * The noise Shay's toys made, because it always reminded me of .* Oh gosh, everything on Shay's ship is so cute. * Wondering if being hug-attacked by fuzzy things was how Elijah Wood felt when he was on Yo Gabba Gabba! * Imagining Mom as FemShep post Mass Effect 3, retiring from combat and becoming a nagging mother. * Hearing Raz and Lili's voice actors again. * Hearing a lot of familiar voice actors acting outside their usual range (Elijah Wood being snarky? Chill Jack Black? Paranoid Wil Wheaton? Yes please.) * Vella as a badass woman of color who refuses to be a damsel in distress. * Go go Vella, fight the status quo! * The cupcakes made me really hungry. Had to go out and get a cupcake the day after I started it. * Mog Chothra being very cutesy on the inside, but Eldritch Abomination on the outside. * Shay's Star Trek: TNG references. * Space Weaver/Mog Chothra are totally a reference to Pilot/Moya from Farscape. * The stool sample joke made me smirk. * Shay and Vella are both very sweet and very snarky. * Oh man, I like Marek, but he is also super shifty. I am conflicted. * I ended up being able to figure out most of the game without a guide. * The "Oh no, oh my God, what did I do...at least, maybe the other girls aren't dead?" ending. * Half-guessing all of the twists beforehand, being delighted I was on the right track but didn't predict all of it. * M'ggie is a cutie, as is Shay's little sister. I like Curtis a lot, too. * I love Jessie's design. * Being able to use Shay's items in Vella's world in Part 2, and vice versa. * Vella rubbing her feet as an idle animation, nice touch. * Red herring things that didn't exist as part of a puzzle, but could still be clicked on. * Grabbin' Gary. * Wise-talking mafioso knife. * Whipped cream gun. * When you can see a puzzle element in a cutscene and then go "OH." and you know where to click now. Iffy moments: * Realizing that people who haven't dealt with overbearing parents might think Shay is whiny and/or a jerk (I don't think he is). * Not being able to help the suicidal girl in Meriloft. * Alex feeling slightly like a Deus Ex Machina. * Vella nearly smacking Shay in the face, not knowing he had no idea what he was doing. Broke my heart a little. * Lack of a cutscene re-viewing gallery, a la Psychonauts. * The lack of irl Cloudshoe slippers, Shay space thingy plushies, and Marek plush. * Your face when you will never have a whipped cream gun. * I don't know if the puzzles I didn't get were too hard, or if I'm an idiot. * I know there had to be a 2HB cameo and some kind of reference to a previous game. I just missed it.
  3. I have a page of hastily-scribbled bugs and axed puzzle solutions from trying to go through certain puzzles. Is that too nerdy?
  4. The way my relationships have usually gone is that we were friends first, usually friends with no initial intention of romance, and it just sort of blossomed from there. So being friend material isn't bad, at least in my eyes, and even if you never end up in a relationship, at least you have someone to confide in, spend time with, etc. who genuinely likes and wants to spend time with you.
  5. I admit to having to look stuff up a couple of times in each story, but I'm not an old-school adventure fan. I knew about the genre growing up, but I didn't get a chance to get into it until a couple of years ago. This stuff isn't old hat to me yet. I kind of liked how it was...approachable. Not frustratingly hard most of the time, but challenging enough so I really had to try several different things. Even if you know what won't work, though, giving the wrong item to an NPC is fun, because I like hearing what they have to say. I knew Tim programmed in a lot of lines in Psychonauts like that, some of which you couldn't get to without cheating. It was charming, it made me smile, and I think Act 1 cuts off at a place that leaves you really anticipating more. I liked it. Although the ending did give me an "Oh God, what have I done..." sort of feel. I'm curious to see how this plays out for Shay and Vella now that they're in the situations they're in.
  6. The Banner Saga looks beautiful, and I love the smooth, hand-drawn-looking animation, but I disagree with the "Disney-esque" comparison it's been getting. Whenever anything is animated, inevitably all good Western animation is compared to Disney, all good CGI is compared to Pixar, and all good anime is compared to Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli, even if the only similarity is that they're well-animated. From what I've seen, it sort of reminds me of Don Bluth's style of animation-- he worked at Disney, sure, but especially when he broke off to do his own films, had a unique feel to what he did that was distinct from Disney. Mostly, though, it just sort of looks like its own thing. Which I like. I always like seeing art that looks like nothing I've seen before. I also like that the characters on the promotional art look like a big, burly dude and his tiny wife, which is adorable.
  7. Greetings, Simon. I really enjoy Broken Age so far, for the most part, although I think not having grown up with adventure games, I'm not used to the puzzles. I tend to overthink things too much, missing a lot of obvious solutions and ending up with the "try everything and talk to everyone until something works" scenario.
  8. I'll join your side, Friar. Feeling kind of crummy myself right now.
  9. Every time I see the Muppets Most Wanted trailer, I just want it to be March already, so I can see it. Even if it means skipping over my birthday.
  10. Something both Macs and PCs can't seem to get over is sometimes crashing despite no programs actually running. I will never understand this.
  11. Kesha: I noticed there aren't a lot of (if any) dating sites where it's like, "Hey, I'm looking for someone over 18, [insert gender(s) preferred], no criminal record, good hygiene, responsible, similar interests to mine, but I actually don't have any preference for religion or ethnicity or anything." I've seen a couple "[LP'er] plays [game] in-character" videos, now I really want to see "The Earl of Lemongrab Plays Dark Souls".
  12. I always notice you, Leroy. I look forward to you being here. Snow isn't a news story, that I agree with. Black ice, however, anything making it hard to get out of the house, that is news. Ditto with "it's hot" not being news, while "it's so hot people are dropping dead" is news. It's all in the context. I may be the lone person who thought that film was decent, Darth. But I am infamous for being unable to hate almost anything, unless it's something sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/what have you. Carl, I think that may be more reason we need to make a DFAF MvM team and play together.
  13. Unfortunately not, Marsden. I don't believe I've heard of them. Should I check them out?
  14. Fhqwhgads, you receive a high-five from me for watching WTFIWWY.
  15. I don't think things are pretentious unless they are incomprehensible to everyone except the artist, while my friend thought it was pretentious because he looks down his nose at anything that tries to be inclusive to gay characters, non-white characters, or women. Meanwhile, I think inclusivity is great, and should be encouraged, being a woman and LGBT myself. I am white, but I enjoy making my characters in video games darker-skinned if I have the option, and I know many (although not all) of my non-white friends enjoy at least having the option too, even if they don't always want to make a female or non-white character.
  16. 1. Are there any differences between animation, foley, and voice acting between video games and TV/film animation? 2. Was there also a line or so that wasn't scripted that was added to the game anyways?
  17. I mentioned to one of my friends that I agreed with certain sociopolitical stances, and he took this as a sign to rant to me about how stupid and whiny he thinks game designers who agree with said stances are. And my parents/classmates wonder why I'm not dating him. (Well, that, and I've been dating a woman for far longer than I've known him, and I'm very happy with her, I'm just not ready to come out to these other people yet.) On a more positive note, I have been drinking spiced chai tea, eating double chocolate brownies, and watching The Muppet Show on DVD. Time well spent.
  18. I just sort of assumed that IndieStatik was a site that was maintained solely for my benefit. I wasn't aware that other people actually read it. My friend got me into it. I look for any game with the following quota: interesting visuals, writing, and/or music, unique approach to gameplay, Mac compatibility, and possible discussion of social issues. That last one is optional. Nice, but optional. I had a debate with the same friend because he dismissed Gone Home as pretentious devoid-of-gameplay pandering, while I quite liked what I saw of it.
  19. Sites I used to go on for geek news: The Mary Sue (I really enjoy the feminism talk, but it gets buried under the same problems that I think a lot of geek blogs like Kotaku do nowadays-- I want to see news, commentary, and criticism, and stuff like reposting excellent fanart and .gifs should be relegated to a separate feed.) Sites I still use: The AV Club/Gameological VG247 Kotaku Indiestatik Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  20. I give the Big Bang Theory credit for a few things: Researching the geeky references (most people couldn't tell, unless they were geeks themselves), having an asexual character (don't see those around often enough), Soft Kitty is adorable, and there's one funny scene where one of the guys gets sick and takes Valium, and starts thinking he's Batman and is friends with Jesus. But that doesn't make it a fantastic show. I've seen worse, though. I like what I've seen of The I.T. Crowd. Moss is my favorite. I was so ecstatic that Richard Ayoade started popping up in American films. Understanding what people who suffer from anxiety go through, knowing that it's a serious issue, what the symptoms are, and how to deal with it, there needs to be more education about it. Make it a unit in Health classes, or something. One of the claims that keeps coming up, even after it's been debunked, is the whole "We only use 20% of our brains, and if we could unlock the ability to use all of it, we could enable our latent ability to use psychic powers" claim. Even at rest, you're using at least 30% of your brain.
  21. I try not to be pissed off often, but here is a short list of things that actually piss me off: * People who say "well, I am not gay or transgender, I can't see why anyone would be, I think it is weird and gross, so I am against giving these people rights". * People who expect a huge, fancy drawing, but do not intend to pay you for it, as they believe artists do not deserve money for their work. * People who think depression is caused by a lack of smiling, or the way to stop worrying is to just stop worrying. * As a believer in science, seeing a scientist retract their study because the result was unrepeatable, or they only tested it until they got the result they wanted. And here are just minor annoyances: * People who were obviously dragged to a film they did not want to see, and will not put away their phone. * People who make their web page font the same color/almost the same color as their background. * People who repost fanart on Facebook and do not credit the original artist. * People who repost a clip from a TV show or movie on YouTube without editing it in any way, and then put a big watermark on it.
  22. I don't know if I can ever take bomb-throwing in Zelda seriously ever again. The resemblance is uncanny.
  23. For me at least, I've never been a social person, not because I don't want to be (although after awhile I need a cool-down if I have too much social interaction at one time), but because I feel like people aren't really interested in what I have to say, and I feel out of place. So having my phone with me and having something to look at instead of feeling awkward is much easier. I do enjoy having the Internet to interact with people on, though, it seems easier to find like-minded people there.
  24. I voted despite not pitching into the Kickstarter (lack of money, etc.) The Call design I voted for was the design I voted for because she looked the least like a rehash of Roll.
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