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  1. I know what you mean, it's a bit of a bummer if your main focus is the Disney characters, or even the Final Fantasy characters, because they both get shoved to the side for the sake of the Organization, and don't get utilized very much. I mean, Malificent just kinda shows up here and there, Pete's just a lackey, characters like Barbossa and Jafar only have a boss fight and a bit of dialogue leading up to it...I have a very long list of characters I'd like to see in KH3, and how they'd work in that environment, but I worry they'd dismiss them for whatever reason (e.g.: the film was considered a failure financially, or was a tie-in game and kicked out of continuity when they made a proper sequel, "we're not doing a crossover with Epic Mickey"). I'd rather see more Disney and keep Marvel and Star Wars to Disney Infinity. Speaking of infinity, I almost bought Bioshock Infinite, but bought Starbound instead when one of my friends ranted a bit about how BI was trying to be less racist and ended up much more racist? She didn't go into great detail about what specifically led her to that conclusion.
  2. Raised Jewish. Almost never met anyone else online or off who was. Was never really terribly religious. Lived in a town for almost ten years where everyone was the "Everyone who is not Christian is going to Hell" kind of Christian. Between those people informing me I personally murdered Jesus and that God hated me, people who refused to speak to me anymore upon finding out I was Jewish, and as seeing terrible things happen to good people, even people who had absolute faith in God and prayed often, it all made me question my faith. I don't consider myself anything right now. I don't know if I could believe in anything after this, or if it even matters.
  3. Achievement isn't working for me either. I haven't tried the Psychonauts one yet, all of my saves appear to be past The Point of No Return.
  4. No prob, sarah. Here is the gallery I use. They're mostly basic, modern designs, and the person who designed them lets you use free of charge. Just don't remove the credit or edit them beyond font/background colors. This helps you find or make palettes, and this is for seamless tiled backgrounds. This is if you want to add fandom scarves to your blog.
  5. Does anyone remember Spamusement? It took really word salad-y spam email titles and made one-panel comics out of them. It ended a few years ago, but I believe their forum continued the tradition. Also, hot, I see what you did there.
  6. @sarah: I'ma hook you up with free, easily modifiable Tumblr themes. @Durandana: Nice to meet you! I'm sure if you like Psychonauts and TF2, we will get along swimmingly. Also: Bug-types are the best. Especially when they're a dual-Poison type. Teehee.
  7. I love Simon's Cat. Sorry, I didn't know you didn't have it yet! I still want to talk to you on Steam, though. And I'm not a fan of Christmas, either, being that it's a day where nothing special happens for me. After Chanukkah, there's really not much to look forward to the rest of the season.
  8. 1. Being a feminist/wanting more female representation isn't a bad thing, or anything to apologize for. 2. Wasn't there a trailer highlighting Masaya Moyo as Vella, as well as some of the other female voice actresses?
  9. I apologize for the painful mental image, Darth. Carl, been meaning to ask, you want to play Starbound with me, Leroy, and Book? And oof, I really hope he didn't die! I don't really read that webcomic, but I remember what I read being good.
  10. No horror or surrealist art just yet, but I have been experimenting with coloring my artwork more often: Indie game crossover-palooza. Can you name all the characters? WIP of the tribute drawing I did to Ashly Burch's voice acting roles. Practical Princess Peach re-design. Alternate takes on WTNV's Cecil Gershwin-Palmer. My RED TF2 OC's in formalwear.
  11. Nothing right now, but my brother is replaying Kingdom Hearts 2 on the other side of the room. I can't take some of the dramatic scenes in The World That Never Was seriously, because the sound effect of the characters walking across the metal floors sounds like someone snapping a rubber band. We're both alternating between "awww"-ing at the dialogue and restraining ourselves from laughing at the sound effects.
  12. Not a question, but I tried animation before and after being told by a teacher that I'd never be able to get good at it, I haven't tried animating anything in a year. But I'm getting inspired again, enough to try and teach myself if classes just aren't working out. So thank you, I appreciate it.
  13. Nog is amazing. I've had nog, at least, non-alcoholic nog. It's addicting. I should convince my parents to let us use the fireplace this winter, too, in lieu of a yule log. We've had the same house for a few years, and yet we haven't used the fireplace once since we've moved here.
  14. When you're hanging out with a person, and you've established there's a mutual lack of interest in a romantic or physical relationship between the two of you, and they still feel the need to drop blatant hints that you're not their type. Especially if it's out of nowhere in a conversation.
  15. Aaah, happy belated birthday, Bidiot! And Darth, I was tired and misread what you said as "I didn't do my video on-time because I was organizing my shelf and I had my cat on my lap," and had this mental image of you standing up, re-organizing a tall shelf, with your cat still laying on top of your groin.
  16. My mom still firmly believes it is very much a religious holiday, which is why she told me several years ago that we cannot celebrate it, and not to ask again. If we do not believe Jesus Christ is our Savior, we should not be celebrating His birthday. She got annoyed when my aunt (who married a Christian, and is raising her kids as both Jewish and Christian) invited us over to decorate the tree a couple of years ago. We still ended up going, and it was fun, though. I'd never gotten to have gingerbread or decorate a tree before. I disagree with my mom's viewpoint, but it is not worth arguing with her about it.
  17. Awh. I'm sorry. I don't have a lot of money, though. Perhaps once I start getting more commissions... D: I intend to finish your trade, flesk. I'll try my best to make it awesome for you.
  18. Nope, you'll have to buy the full game if you want it. As far as I recall, the amount raised from the AF bundle didn't quite cover the costs of running DF for the two week duration of AF2012, so it definitely wasn't enough to cover the dev costs for a full game. Aw, darn. Still, I don't mind buying the full version once I have money. Anything I can do to support DF.
  19. This may be my new favorite, as well. So if we have the AF prototypes, do we have the full game as well? That SBEmail is even funnier after Cool Game For Attractive People and Poker Night.
  20. Good to meet you, pineclone. And to you as well, Hudo.
  21. I think they're taking a break from Sam and Max because Season 3 was just so funny and well-done (at least, I know I really liked it a lot-- but it was also my first adventure game ever) that they want to follow it up correctly. I have no doubt they'll work on it again once their current projects are over. I mean, the whole reason they came together was a mutual love of Sam and Max and a desire to see it continue, right?
  22. Hm, what's Major Bueno? It sounds familiar, but I can't remember why.
  23. WHEEEEEEEEAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOOON! I'm so excited. And Vella is LeBlanc from FFX-2! And what's this about Nathan Fillion...?
  24. Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull: As someone who grew up watching Shia LeBeouf on Disney Channel, seeing him become a big movie star puts a smile on my face. It reminds me of the Tintin story where he meets the aliens, a bit camp but good. Spider-Man 3: I do think they had too many villains in it, I think the film's worst crime is taking what would have been two or three decent too-short-to-be-a-full-movie plots and stapling them together. I actually really like the Sandman bits. (Funny story: We saw it at a theatre that was kind of terrible, so the film was upside down for a bit.) PoTC 2 and 3: I liked the third one better. But regardless of what you think, watch the outtakes anyways. Jack Sparrow falling on his butt, Elizabeth making funny faces and failing to catch her sword, Barbossa being hammy and losing his hat, and Norrington swearing (and being told by Johnny Depp that he can't curse, it's a Disney film). It's great. Also Johnny Depp calls the Flying Dutchman "The Davy Jones Crocodile Machine", and I am totally naming my band that someday.
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