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  1. I hate realistic shooters, that I'll agree with you guys on, but I think funny, cartoony ones are great. I feel the same way. I think between life unfortunately kicking nice people in the teeth, as well as some adults actively discouraging creativity and optimism, it's hard to retain it into adulthood. Possible, doable, but still pretty hard. (BTW, I could never hate you, Bidiot.)
  2. I think it's just sad when anyone dies, especially when they're relatively young, or under sudden circumstances.
  3. ...I actually really enjoy being around kids, and I'd like my future career to involve cheering them up when life has them down. I'll see myself out now, sorry.
  4. I think I worded my original statement a little unclearly, I apologize. Sleeping with X when you're monogamously dating or married to Y = bad, lying, not good, not condoned in any way. Sleeping with X when both yourself and X are single and not dating or married to anyone else = not my cup of tea either, but not something I consider as bad, because you're not lying to anyone. I know some of my friends are single, hook up with other single people for a night, and that's as close to a relationship as they want. That's not how I am at all, but I respect their choices as long as they do it safely. I just don't think single person/single person hookups should be hooked up with the same kind of horrible lying involved with cheating.
  5. Again, I don't think there's anything wrong with two single people having sex, I don't see why it's a huge scandal. If one or both are married, or at least in a monogamous relationship of some sort, then I can see people being upset.
  6. I don't think I go that far with the way I dress, but I've never been one who wanted to draw a ton of attention to myself. I never dress super flashy, I aim for something not sloppy, matches well, age and is weather-appropriate. With marriage, I think there should be less of a societal pressure to get married for those that don't want to, and more of an encouragement to think things through for couples who do want to get married. I've been around couples who got married or started dating for really superficial reasons, or who don't get along, and it's not fun. But I think those who choose wisely and are mature can carry a relationship really well. I like having a cell phone because it helps me keep in touch with my family (some of them are hard to get ahold of, or are paranoid, and I want them to know I'm alright/keep in touch).
  7. Similar experience there, especially with the belt. I wonder if Anemone meant people who put on pants a size smaller than they need, or wear "jeggings", or scarves in warm weather. I can see being annoyed by that. But I don't think either of us do that, either.
  8. Ehhh, you'd probably be unable to stand me, Anemone. I'm sorry. I wear skinny jeans because I have no hips, and other pants slide off without a belt. The blazers don't have patches on the elbows, but my mom wore them in the 70's and gave them to me. I wear scarves because I get colder than most people seem to. The glasses I need, I'm extremely nearsighted. Doctor Who is just something I'd watch regardless of popularity.
  9. I believe video games are art. My questions, though, are this: 1. How do I convince someone who thinks video games are not art to change their opinion, or at least understand where I'm coming from? 2. If the person who believes video games are not art has never played a video game before, how do I convince them to at least try one out? 3. Do I have to start with a video game that already exists, or do I have to make one myself? If so, what should that game contain? I'll make sure to listen to the podcast, though, I'm interested to hear your take on this.
  10. I've been mulling this over a lot recently myself. A lot of games recently (i.e. free-to-play social games) require very little skill, and are only hard when you don't have enough coins to pay for something. But is skill and challenge what makes a game a game for me? I don't know.
  11. This is why I rarely tell people I'm a Mac user. I don't use them to be pretentious, and I don't want people to think I am. I like anime, but I'm very choosy about it. A lot of it is formulaic, but I do think with every medium, you have to wade through a lot of crap to get to the good stuff, and since there's so much of it, there's got to be something in there I like. I'm trying to branch out into different types of animation, though. I know about American 2D animation, anime, and CGI, but there's other animation from other countries and in different styles that I haven't been as exposed to. Ditto with rap. I'm trying to find a selection of rap artists I actually like. Found a couple so far. I think there's actually more things I like that most people hate than vice versa.
  12. Is it still adultery if both parties are single? I thought adultery just referred to cheating. And if they're both single, what's the big deal?
  13. The only controversial thing that happened to me in school was my HS Drama teacher getting fired because he propositioned an undercover female prostitute. Two girls died at my college earlier this semester, too, but one was an innocent bystander in a scuffle involving her boyfriend, and the other had a long-standing autoimmune disorder.
  14. I've heard a couple of reasons why they did what they did on Family Guy. I can't say whether these are true or not, but they do make sense: 1. 2. 3.
  15. I used to love Homestar Runner. I'm not too gutted about the long hiatus, knowing that Matt Chapman is busy with TV stuff (he's a writer on Yo Gabba Gabba, The Aquabats! Super Show!, and Gravity Falls) and raising his kid(s?). I'm proud of him. Egoraptor's stuff was something else I was a huge fan of, including the Flash animations he simply guest-voiced in for other people. I'm glad Super Flash Bros. (who he worked with sometimes) have a game out, I'm glad Ego's artwork has improved, and I'm proud of him for getting married to his best friend. Also Neil Cicierga. Animutation is the origin of YouTube Poop, imo.
  16. @Feddie: I'm sorry for your loss, friend. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. @Ke$ha: Try ThinkGeek. @Darth: Try Blip.tv, too. You might end up on That Guy With The Glasses eventually. I got to the lava tile part on the Who game and quit, my reflexes have always been terrible.
  17. Related: There's a "Cards Against Humanity" variant online, and you can get up to five people to play a game at a time. Anyone up for a game tonight?
  18. Yes. I don't have a "waifu", but I do adore the heck out of Miss Pauling. Her boss is quite a silver fox herself, if I do say so myself. And because this thread needs more badass PoC ladies: Proudly presenting the only Disney princess to actually become a queen. Half African-American, half Malaysian, engineering genius, secretly a dweeb, smile that lights up a room.
  19. To my knowledge, it is not. I don't think it came with a game, but we bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl, because that was the game we had initially decided to buy the console for. We did buy NSMB Wii later when it came out, though.
  20. Thanks, bud. I'm not a fan of the price (my dad is super stringent when it comes to money), but if it's my only option, I'll deal with it.
  21. Sorry for the delay, I'll check these all out as soon as I can. I'm not looking for anything specific, but I'm always excited to get into a genre I didn't even know existed yet.
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