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  1. I like mutts. My grandfather's dog was a Schnauzer-Poodle mix, and she was the most intelligent (most of the time), nicest dog you'd ever meet.

    We need more Israeli/Palestinian or Jewish/Muslim feel-good cooperation stories.

    I still need to make a resume. I've been putting it off because I was too busy, or because I worried that I had nothing to put on it.

  2. I should have seen this sooner, but I adore this version of Commander Video!

    Thanks, friend! I'm glad you do. I always imagined him as a biker or a spaceman with a kick-ass rainbow scarf.

  3. Offtopic rant: Fans in various fandoms I am in are doing dumb things. I do not blame the fandoms for this, as I have seen several people who do not even associate with each other doing the same dumb things. I therefore blame human nature.

    I was editing a fan-wiki for a game. There are wikis out there that post fan-speculation and fictional info, and this is not one of them. This person logged in and started uploading a ton of 'this is what is going to happen in the next game because I really want [insert company here] to combine all of my favorite characters together' articles, or just copying articles wholesale from TVTropes. Whatever you think of the site (and believe me, it has its own problems), just copy + pasting their articles is not a thing that sits right with me. If you do not have the info to write an article from scratch, don't write the article, and especially don't erase someone's article and replace it with something copy + pasted from another source.

  4. Oh my lord, it's a Nostalgia Critic Editorial that doesn't suck! Who'da thunk it?
    Medacris is going to go crazy over this.

    Yes, I enjoyed this immensely. And I agree with him, Walter Peck definitely has a point. It's just that he goes around acting like a total dick and putting peoples' lives in danger, while the 'Busters, despite being reckless, cowardly, and harming the environment, are much more likable people. Also, I think it's totally in character for them to spend money on pinball machines and arcade games instead of food.

    Jon's review of Foodfight! was better, but I think the Brentalfloss-as-Mr.-Clean cameo fits better as a Nostalgia Critic joke, being that Brent has shown up in three different NC videos already, two of where he was cosplaying. I think the film was infamous before it came out as well, if mostly for being stuck in high-profile Development Hell for a decade, and because prior to Wreck-It Ralph and The LEGO Movie being released, the idea of another Roger Rabbit-type mascot crossover was a very uncommon idea. A lot of the commenters are also pointing out that Charlie Sheen was 30-something when he filmed this, while Hilary Duff was 15. Even though she's in her 30's now, that's still creepy.

  5. Don't be afraid, Slenderfan. Just post your art however and whenever you want, and only compare your current art to your previous art. Life is not a race, it's a hike. I'm sure what you've drawn is great.


    This isn't new, but I finished coloring and compiling it together.


    Good old Egon Spengler. I was devastated by Harold Ramis' death. I shipped the heck out of Egon and Janine as a kid. Still do.


    Mystery solvers, teaming up to fight the supernatural.


    TF2 comic reaction drawing. I love the heck out of every new update.

  6. @Retro: I would have gone with Danganronpa, because it's the only one you picked that I know well, and it's the kind of game I want to see people putting money towards, so we get more of them ported to the West in the future.

    @Fhqwhgads: Perhaps. I consider myself an Agent Scully with an Agent Mulder inside. I want to believe in the supernatural, but I just haven't seen anything that wasn't proven a hoax, and I haven't seen anything with my own eyes that I could consider proof. I was mostly upset though because she talked to me like a deluded idiot who knew nothing about science, because her belief is that anything not definitively debunked therefore absolutely exists.

    @Darth: It's okay for a storyboard, but definitely unprofessional for a finished work. The bearded man reminds me of Obi-Wan's design from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

    @Alcoremortis: That's an equally appropriate .gif. I'm reusing that later, thanks.

    @Upcoming movies: Skeptical about the Peanuts one, but it doesn't look as bad as I had worried. Excited for Pixar sequels. Incredibles was one of my favorite films of theirs overall, and I actually sort of like Cars and its sequel. Cars 2 was interesting, because it got away with a lot of things that I don't think would have been deemed 'appropriate' with human characters.

  7. Dealing with a person who's trying to convince me that because science says "there's stuff out there we haven't discovered yet", that her belief in fairies and unicorns is totally valid ("Everything that hasn't been proven also hasn't been disproven, right?"), and any scientist who doesn't realize that hasn't even passed their 101 courses, and she, with no science degree, is clearly much more well-educated than me, someone who is about to graduate with a Bachelor's in Psychology.




  8. I'm sorry to hear that. Also sorry I disappeared when we were talking on Steam last night. My laptop froze up and I was tired, so I went to sleep.

    No worries. She's been really vacant for over a year, and we barely got to talk, and when we did, she snapped at me, without me knowing why. I feel like I got over the breakup before we had actually broken up.

    @Fhqwhgads: I hope things work out better for your grandmother.

    @Feddie: I'm glad your mom's alright!

    @Cool/Feddie: I've heard several women claiming to be the nurse, all with conflicting stories. IDK what the real story is, honestly.

    @Carl: Best of luck on the project. I have the same problem whenever I'm in a group. It sucks. :<

  9. And finally, a costume based on a character from one of Double Fine's other games. Raz, for example. One thing I love and always look for in their games are references to other games they've done.

    +1 for this. Even if it's just a silly DLC pack, I'll buy it. There's so much good material floating around their games, it's too good to pass up.

    Yes, definitely. Add to that list an Eddie Riggs costume with some cool guitar attacks :)

    I drew a couple concepts of this idea here awhile back. This was before Broken Age was finished, so the outfits might need to be brushed up a bit.

  10. Interesting.. there are 3 threads on the opening page of EGR about feelings over women. And not one on men. Clearly we men are being under represented.

    I (think) I was the only woman having feelings over women in the thread, but I dealt with it by breaking up with her. She was too busy to be in a relationship, and doesn't know if she's actually bi or not. We're still going to be friends, though.

    I'm going to keep marathoning Real Ghostbusters and things will be alright.


    * pretty voice

    * I laughed at 'Tyler Duck'

    * video wasn't blurry

    * no 'cam rip by blah blah free program demo' logo

    * no cheesy transition effects

    * you are my bro so I am excited when you do a thing

    * you sell the game pretty convincingly


    * voice is too quiet

    * how come you said you don't have friends >:C

    * you didn't mention how the protagonist has the exact same outfit as Cartoon!Jackie Chan, because he totally does:


  12. Watched the Ghost Busters films for the millionth times. Still great(even the second one).

    "Everything you're doing is bad. I want you to know this."

    I've only seen the first film so far (as well as the animated series based on it), but I could honestly watch it on repeat forever.

    Dr. Egon Spengler was one of the first to convince me that science was cool as a kid, and it's stuck with me forever since.

    I like how in the video, Akroyd and Hudson are doing the dance correctly, Ramis is...trying, and Murray just does not care. At all.


    (I also found out one of my favorite comic book artists wrote/drew a Real Ghostbusters comic. I gotta go check that out.)

  13. Realizations I've made recently:

    * Even though a lot of mediums can be considered 'geeky', some people (even those who are really into 'geeky' stuff like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc.) will just never be interested in going to a convention, or reading comic books, or playing video games. We just have to sort the utterly disinterested people from the 'I'm interested but [insert problem here] is holding me back' people.

    * Just because a gamer wants more female characters in a game doesn't mean adding female characters to a game that does not interest them for any other reason will get them to buy it.

  14. Ah, okay, Darth. Thank you for clarifying, it doesn't seem like it ended up as a good film. When the film came out, one side was of the opinion that 'no film with whitewashing can ever have a single redeeming factor to it, I'm not even going to see it, and if you go to see it, our friendship is over and you're a terrible racist,' and the other was 'Lone Ranger is fantastic and I'm going to go watch it to spite you, because you're all easily offended babies'. I was sort of in the middle, not sure who to side with-- the casting was awkward and terrible, but I figured the rest of it would be decent.

    It depends for me, Carl. Some people are worth debating with, some will never change their opinions. I talk about politics more with friends on Skype or Steam now instead of on, say, Tumblr/Facebook/forums, because I'm used to the kind of things that happen, and I'm not willing to deal with as much stress. And I think your pixel art is still fantastic, btw. Your style looks like thebreadgod, but with your own spin to it.

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