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  1. Aside from all of the fantastic ideas here there only a few things I would like to see. The most interesting thing I think they could add would be better enemy AI. In the original the enemies were at worst trolly. The only enemies that presented any true threat were the fire cougars, and those were pretty easy to avoid with invisibility. I would like to see the enemies actually cut off escape routes. Even better would be if some of the enemies were tall enough to make it so you can't simply levitation ball away from them. I know it's not really feasible but I wouldn't mind getting something small for having rank 101 in the original game, like an extra merit badge, or decoration on Raz. Also, Raz MUST have his goggles. It's just not right if he doesn't.
  2. Finally found the answer on steam forums. Go to your AMD catalyst control center, and change the Anti Aliasing to Adaptive Multi-Sample.
  3. Someone please answer this. I have the exact same issue. Win 10 and AMD Radeon R9 280 Card. I'm not sure what can be done to resolve it, not even rolling back drivers to an older version works.
  4. Why would you not want to play through the game again to collect things you might have missed though? You would also be able to use the clairvoyance on everybody again. I would like to see how some people view that you can't really Identify. Chief point being Milka and Elton. .... I also just like the happy daytime music while collecting
  5. Wow really cool. *waves* Hi Linda!
  6. The only thing that I would really like to see would be to break the "Point of No Return". Basically add another door in the Collective Subconscious that would port you back to Whispering Rock (During the day time preferably) so you could go back there fully powered up and collect everything you missed.
  7. THAT MUST BE IT. I never bought that badge because I never thought it was useful. Thanks....I was being stupid for a second there.
  8. hippie719

    Empty Slot

    I have gone through the game a few times, but I never noticed that you don't get anything to go next to the Oar badge. There is an empty slot there like something could easily fit. It's possible that it is something you only get if you reach rank 100. So my question is does anyone know what goes there? The only thing I can imagine is that it is the Psychonaut uniform. You are never able to view the start screen when you have it, however. I hope someone knows the answer.
  9. I would definitely agree with you for the most part there, however once you get the confusion ability it is really easy to get past El Odio. It does have talking dogs, though. That makes it just pure amazing.
  10. The best thing I found in the game has to be the sense of discovery. Every time I go through the game I found something that I missed before. Just the last time I played I discovered Milla's demented little child area with her nightmares in the toy box. So favorite part is that it seems like there is always something small that I missed and it adds another layer of complexity and depth to the story.
  11. Now don't get me wrong. I love the game and almost everything about it, but there was one level that always makes me put the game down and not pick it back up for a while. For me that level is without doubt Waterloo. I really do not like the dynamic of the level or the way you interact with the environment. The worst port for me are those Snail Cannon enemies. What is your least favorite level? Why is it your least favorite? I'm new please be nice.
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