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  1. To be honest I don't mind the title, but I loved juggling with some titles too, like many others today. The Cut rings best in my ears. My puny offerings are: The Break Bite Me (as in I'm taking my own future in hand now) Step The Great Divide Guide Me (The Children lost in choices of life, looking to the adventurers (us) for guidance). Funny that I hadn't read any of the posts, before I brainstormed these titles, and Divide keeps popping up on many. But trust your gut, Tim as we trust in your ability to bring us one hell of a great Adventure.
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    Mac issues

    03.06.13 Dear Double Finers, I was so happily surprised with the release of The Cave that I downloaded it instantly on my Macbook pro Retina 13" through the Appstore. Worked wonderful until I read that there might be issues with resolution and so I updated. Since then The game has started with a white screen, SEGA logo, DF logo and then the FROZEN Loading icon in the top right corner. I hear the lovely evening sounds but Loading stays and the only thing that remains is CMD Q In the appstore I keep having the option of updating so that is what I have done about 4 times over the last week. When that didn't do anything I removed the entire game and reinstalled it. To no avail. I am out of options and I love this game so much! Do you have any suggestions? Much appreciated! Thx for the amazing games anyway! 03.08.13 Fixed it today. With some ENTERing and ESCaping I got into the menu. Turned off SSAA and all went back to normal. I'm off spelunking once more! Yet still wonder why the App-store keeps showing me the Update sign when I look up the game. Shouldn't it just tell me to play it? Cheers.
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