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  1. The easiest way I know would be to combine Oculus of the Lost with Item Map, but that still means checking them one by one.
  2. Matchmaking seems to be broken. I couldn't find any games, so my friend joined matchmaking too and we've been looking for 1on1 game at the same time. We didn't find each other nor any other opponent, even though there were at least 2 players looking for game at the same time for at least several minutes. Wasn't there a delay (at least in multiplayer), before you could spawn new Rock Crusher, when previous one was destroyed? Now you can build new one right after previous one died. According to wiki there was a delay: In the event of the Rock Crusher's destruction, there is a wait period before the player can summon another one.
  3. Usually there are some people on BL official group chat (5 right now). You can check there. Some of them (including me) weren't playing it on consoles and aren't very experienced.
  4. Thanks for new video! I hope both of you will keep uploading more. I really enjoy watching them. btw. chat in matchmaking was and probably still is bugged. Most of the time opponent won't see your messages. And nice to see another Futurama fan. There should be another 13 new episodes during this year.
  5. I noticed this in leaderboards. -38 losses? http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/558718111996869932/FC2E22563EFBE5DB1F757D9B3A4336065B174B17/
  6. Good idea with videos, but you should really use names of solos, combos and units. Saying you don't know the name or what it does, doesn't look good. Can give an impression you don't know what you are talking about. And it won't allow newbies to learn what is what. I think using proper names and explaining, what it exactly does, can help people a lot. But generally this is good and I'm waiting for more videos.
  7. Well, when I checked direct shipping to Poland, UPS site returned 200-300 $ shipping costs. ;-) That's why I decided to ship it to adress in USA and then ship it to Poland. There are quite many companies, which offer you free address in USA and then will ship package(s) to you, for much lower price. Total shipping cost will still be probably 50-75% of price of the book, but this is much less than UPS offer. You should look for something like this: http://www.myus.com/en/ship-to-denmark/ But if you find a company, which is shipping specifically to your country (like I do), it may be cheaper.
  8. In-game chat for matchmaking games still doesn't work. Lags seem to be bigger now too.
  9. Bug, that game crashes, when enemy quit, still isn't fixed. And as earlier, won game is counted as a loss. Had that twice already today. Last time IH vs IH. (confirmed by two other players) This is making it so less enjoyable. I don't win often and when I finally win and it counts as a loss, because game crashed. Why is it possible to have both side ending game with a loss? I wouldn't be surprised, if even over 15 of my lost games are a result of this bug already. For good players it can be much more.
  10. You can join Brutal Legend chat on Steam. Yesterday there were 13 people and some even tried 4on4. From my experience evenings (in Europe) are best to find an opponent.
  11. Developer mentioned this in update or bug report thread on BL steam community hub.
  12. Thanks Stacy for fast reply. I thought it is the same one, that's why I decided to buy it on Amazon. I need to rethink that now. I can still cancel order on Amazon. edit: I've decided to cancel it and order directly from DF. Thanks again.
  13. Is there any difference between book available in DF shop and on amazon?
  14. Together with fix its behavior was changed. You need 3000 tributes from world. Tributes from primary and secondary missions are not counting anymore, unlike on consoles, where total amount of 3000 was required. So now you need everything for Metal God seen (serpents, legends, buried metal, etc - 1585 tributes in total) plus 95 times support allied patrols.
  15. You should report that in bug report thread, not here. Regarding serpents, it will be much easier, when you finish the game or are near the end. You can choose Oculus of the Lost as secondary weapon in Motor Forge. I don't know, when exactly it is available, but it will point any unvisited item on map, if you are close enough. http://brutallegend.wikia.com/wiki/Oculus_of_the_Lost Just try to find as many as you can while playing, until you have Oculus available. If this isn't enough, there is a map with every item on map, but with Oculus you won't need it, unless you really can't find it, because it is very well hidden. http://achievementhunter.com/games/guides/brutallegend/index.php
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