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  1. Hello Daniel, thanks for getting back to this. Just some clarification: I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help debug this problem, but I do not have that much experience with debugging, so I'll need some instructions. If you or one of the devs points me in the right direction, I'll produce whatever logs/dumps you want. I've got Visual Studio 2010 installed in case that helps. I'll try and see if I can produce something useful on my own, but I fear that the fact that the pc locks up completely will make getting to the data extremely hard. Ideally the debugger would need to write live logs somewhere.
  2. You are misunderstanding me. The GPU Fan didn't spin up (from its normal idle setting), because the GPU didn't warm up noticeably. If I put significant strain on the GPU like bitcoin mining or hashcat it does heat up and the fan reacts accordingly. In short, the fan speed acts as an audible indicator of GPU load-
  3. Not just "no fix" but not even some sort of official reaction besides "we can't reproduce this", despite repeated offers to run whatever debugging is needed. To reiterate: Dear devs: If you want me to run a debugger while waving a headless chicken over the pc, I'll do it. (If you provide the chicken, that is) But this silence looks suspiciously like "It's a handful of people who already bought the game, so what" by some management drone. Please convince me that is not the case. Still looking forward to some metal adventures, falcon
  4. So after a lot of: "That's illogical" and "That can't help" I manned up and tried setting GPU and Memory Clock to the lower limit. I don't know why but it helps. I left fan speed on automatic, as it provides some feedback about GPU temps. Game still crashed, but after an hour or so instead of 3 mins. GPU Fan didn't spin up, so I'm still sceptical about this being a heat issue. Hoping to see some "official" feedback some time again. Especially with the humble bundle sale going on, it would be good to have this fixed.
  5. Just to update, todays patch over steam didn't change anything, issue is the same.
  6. To phrase it a bit less agressive: Is there ANY ETA on that patch?
  7. My offer to do preliminary debugging still stands, if you tell me what you need I'll do my best.
  8. Hi sebbie, seems you have a similar problem to the one i described in my freeze/crash thread. May I ask you to post your system specs? Also, what do you do to recover from the crash? Do you have to restart your PC?
  9. Nice to hear I'm not alone. Devs, is there any way to collect crash data to help with pinning down the cause?
  10. Sorry to report that disabling the 6450 in device manager does NOT make a difference, still the same symptoms.
  11. Will test when Im back from work. Thanks for the quick reply!
  12. Dear Gods of Metal, I would like to file a bug report: I've got an issue that currently blocks me completely from continuing the game in Singleplayer. I have just arrived at Bladehenge, get the cutscene with Lars on top of the sword/tower. When the scene cuts to the campfire, Lars gets out his line about not having to tune instruments and the game freezes the complete PC. My main screen with the game goes blank, displaying "No Signal or Out of Range", secondary screens freeze, audio continues for a few moments, then goes silent. The system is completely unresponsive, not even Ctrl-Alt-Del elicits a reaction. Only remedy is holding the power button until it triggers a hard-off. After a reboot and restarting the game, the save starts at the beginning of the cutscene with Lars's sister poking the car, Lars on the sword, rinse, repeat. This issue has occured a few times before, but until this point, the save always let me continue. I have toyed with ingame graphics settings and found no setting that fixes the issue. [del]I resigned to playing a match against the AI, which went fine until I went on the stage and triggered the fog machine. After a few moments the game crashed. I will try if this is reproducible across different maps. Speculation follows: Does Eddie light a cigarette in the campfire cutscene, possibly triggering a fog/smoke effect?[/del] System Specs Win 7 x64 SP1 Primary GPU: Ati Radeon HD 5800 Series <- drives main screen used for gaming Secondary GPU: AMD Radeon 6450 <- drives two side screens, not used for gaming Catalyst Driver 13.1 (up to date) CPU: AMD Phenom X6 1055T 8 Gigs of RAM I'm available for testing any theory you throw at me, as long as it sounds sensible. Edit: Fog did not reproduce the crash in multiplayer, managed to end one game on Battered Bluff, the second crashed (map was Dooms Mire, same as the first multiplayer crash)
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