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  1. I think the PC version is the most stable version of the game from what I've read. Major game breaking issues with the game on 360/PS3. I really wanted to get it on PC but was waiting to see if it came to GoG.com. In the end I picked it up on 360 and I deeply regret it and from now on won't buy another DF game unless its available through GOG.
  2. I don't think the patch was supposed to fix the corrupted save I think it was just supposed to fix the error which causes the save to corrupt....which apparently it didn't.
  3. Good lord after all this waiting I just don't care anymore. The patch may well have fixed everything but Im trying to do the no death run, died halfway thru the minecart area quit to dashboard went back to the game and realised I had to do it again from scratch, not to mention then 4 more times if I want all the achievements. I know its my own fault for not saving etc but I realised I'm now only playing for the achievements im having no fun with it and so I just don't care anymore, think I'll move on.
  4. So the patch I waited 3 months for might not actually fix the only thing it was supposed to fix? I already need to start again so I REALLY hope this isn't the case.
  5. Word. I'm beginning to feel bad that I've made a dozen posts now, all of which complaining about the same problem but I guess I'll stop complaining about it when its actually fixed.
  6. I hear you on the rage eyes, I bought this mistaking it for the kickstarter game and it doesn't even work!
  7. This has been discussed at length. No point restarting just for the game to crap itself again.
  8. Still nothing huh? Not sure if ill jump at your next game anymore.
  9. So is this a totally different glitch then the one that freezes the game while looking at that cave painting after one character is "killed" by the monster?
  10. I had gotten the disc read error with a few other games for a while now. ME3 being one of them, but that not being the most polished game I can't say I was surprised. Usually it was only on start up and if I opened & closed the disc tray beforehand I wouldn't get the error so I figured it was some issue between my console and specific games. This is the only time I have gotten the error on a game which doesn't actually use a disc however. It would be funny if it didn't make the game completely unplayable.
  11. I believe in Double Fine's knowledge that a game breaking glitch will only effect more and more people the longer its left unpatched.
  12. A sequel would be nice but first they need to get THIS game working properly.
  13. So yeah any time now fellas would be great.
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