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    really looking forward to the teamstream tomorrow! In the meantime I tried a landscape with the lasso technique. It started based on Andy's refs of black volcanic sand (which are totally rad). I threw in some volcanic rocks and tidepooly things that'd act as LOS and non-LOS blockers. but as I colored it somehow ended up really different
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    they're all on youtube [here]
  3. voxn_


    oooooh thank you I'll try it out on a landscape tomorrow. tonight was demon night! Not sure if the 4 archetypes idea has stuck around, but I based the skills on that. Tried to keep the skill amount low (and (passably) easy to script). spike.gif, because my cyan triangle doesn't convey it very well, alas is there a higher rez version of [this image] around? I love character sheets like this!
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    hello good friends! massive chalice is looking amazing, and I'd like to contribute if I can! I started messing with derek's brushes trying to figure out his rad style still needs work, but I just discovered the artstream videos which should help immensely! but doodling turned into thinking about design: its really fun, and all the teamstreams etc are super inspiring! edit; oops, the forum autoshrinks images. Made them link to fullsize if they're too tiny to read
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