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  1. The latter usually leads to the former and yes I do RF. Me and my friends are really in depth in this game we're making in RPG maker 2003, Called "1-20" (One through Twenty) and we are in need of some voice actors for the characters. I just need a sample of the many voices you can do and I'll see what character fits you best. I used to do a lot of theater stuff and voice acting back in the day and have a lot of friends who do professional voice acting work. If you provide more info I could hook you up with those actors and try to see if I can fit any characters you need. Scarecrows suggestion of making an audition process is a good suggestion and you will get more interest that way. (Also, I approve of your Zacharie icon A+)
  2. Speaking of Game Grumps, I think I found my new favorite Game Grumps animation. RSKmPP7ckzU
  3. REMINDS ME OF WHEN GAMES CAME ON 12 FLOPPY DISKS. Yeah, I've been trying to avoid media related to it too to make it as fresh feeling as possible. Though I have checked out the monster designs and i really love the boys of silence best out of all the enemies shown.
  4. When you buy it you can listen to it on whatever media player you have on your computer. It's only available for purchase on Steam right now. You can put it in iTunes too and if you want to put it on an mp3 player with no problems.
  5. You can run it independently. You MIGHT need to install rpg runtime package 2003 if it doesn't work though. You'll get an error message tellnig you that if that's the case. It's easy to clear up though. PLAY IT AND TELL US HOW IT GOES, CARL.
  6. I misread that as ankle and thought that hot was considering the prospect of dining with one for 10k. How would that even work????
  7. Not sure how many others here play Minecraft, but we could try making a server for us perhaps?
  8. I really liked the look to the outdoor environments. The trailer didn't personally pull me in though, but I know it'll be really enjoyable for others! I hope that the people who do become interested in it really enjoy the end product!
  9. I personally would love to see more "art games". I also love surreal stuff or games that make you think about things on a different level/needs the player to connect pieces together through personal interpretation. Stuff like that is just very fascinating to me and gets me thinking. It's always really great to find new games like that! It's cool that lately there seem to be more and more indie games out there playing with those themes!
  10. Will my veins be full of tiny, screaming koolaid men..?
  12. I just finished my last final and I now have two college degrees. My back hurts, please spoon feed me nutella in celebration because I am too tired to do it myself.
  13. Is there a catch to this? Did you drug the game? Is this all one part of another evil scheme of yours?
  14. Your use of perspective is fantastic!
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