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  1. So much childhood is running through my veins right now.
  2. Pretty self explanatory. This is the thread for all the games that should be made. One rule to the discussion: Rule Number 1: No discussion of remakes of or sequels to Tim Schafer games. I love the guy and his work, but let's try and branch out! I'm sure that these forums get enough chatter about a Full Throttle 2 or a REAL Monkey Island 3 or what-have-you. All righty then! Shall we get started? To begin, I saw someone mentioned a Baron Munchhausen point-and-click adventure game over on the Telltale forums. I agree wholeheartedly, having grown up with the Terry Gilliam movie -- except it should be more of a homage to the Baron, or a series of new, never-before-told adventures. The serial style of the Baron's tales would work perfect in the now-popular episodic format. Shame is most Americans would have no interest in something like this, so the chance of it getting a budget are basically kaput. Still, it would be great to see, especially since the puzzle solving logic would involve you pulling yourself up out of the ocean by your own ponytail, flying to the moon, and etc.
  3. Don't be silly! Me, humanity's paragon of originality in print, steal? Absurd! Really, though, I feel dumb for not checking before signing up. I've grown somewhat attached to this name, but I think that I'll try and find a way to change it so it's more distinct.
  4. Coraline. Good film. Ian McShane needed a bigger part, though. And who doesn't like Keith David? Where are they? I'll fight 'em.
  5. Wow, these are really amazing! REALLY amazing! Haha, I wish I had this kind of talent.
  6. Actually, it airs tonight! So don't miss it: The goat ate his original fez during the Boss Mabel end credit sequence. Continuity! Wow, I'm so glad I posted my mistake, otherwise I would've had no idea! You're right! I thought they just plain changed it since they edited the opening credits to show the change, too. God, I just love the work they put into the show. It really shines when they do stuff like that. I wonder if the merpeople have a weird alternate form like the one teased in the opening credits... ?
  7. Nope. I'm too busy being a smug Lee Everett. Speaking of Lee, I really can't get over how great the Walking Dead game from Telltale is.
  8. Oh, me! I do! :vampire: If you'll allow me a bit of the ole necromancy, I hear Alex Hirsch, the creator, wants to bring Jon Stewart onto the show. Since he's already got John Oliver and Kirsten Schaal, I think it's completely possible, if Stewart ever gets the time. Even better: getting Stewart AND Colbert at the same time, for the same episode. I don't think it'll happen this season, however. In other news, a new episode's gonna pop up in about a week -- seems to be about mermen. About time they got around to it! It's been teased since the first episode. Also, has anyone else noticed that Grunkle Stan's fez changed?
  9. Pick a cod, any cod! and the snowman one both got me to laugh. I am ashamed.
  10. -sigh- Really, I DO need to find a bigger version. Ha, likewise! Probably my favorite besides those two are the Freelance Astronauts.
  11. I STILL have to rewatch it. It's been so long and so recently defiled, it really deserves another look. Dang, and you know Two Best Friends Play! You're so right, and we should be! I don't have a good thumbs up gif, but this might work instead!:
  12. I love it. Kurt Russell's great as Jack Burton, and so is James Hong as Lo Pan. No, it's cool! I'd be pissed off if a guy really acted like that, too.
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