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  1. I havent played the game yet, cause I dont want to fibble around with keyboard-keys. I did really think they would come out with a fix...
  2. Anything new on the Mac Appstore version update? Fixing various bugs reported.. Adding support for xbox 360 and other controllers... In the works? -and how soon? I´m sure it´s a great game if I only could play it! :-)
  3. O,boy Terminal and me, not best buddies... Cant seem to find any joystick, or perhaps im not executing it right? I get the testjoystick thats included in the package allright but that one is located in the folder where I unpacked the application... in what folder would i expect to find my joystick? Do you know what I mean? Here is what I get: -bash: testjoystick: command not found
  4. I´ll try that as sone as find som time. Two kids here 3 and 6 yr, which needs a ridiculous amount of attention brb with results, thanks
  5. Sorry for being a such a noob still dont work Found it and added what you suggested at the end of the file, like: # This file lists gamepad configuration mappings # These are the format that are used by the SDL_GameController API in SDL2 # See the Data/Config/SDLGamepad.config in the game folder for sample configurations # At the moment you'll have to build this manually using the SDL2 testjoystick program to get the GUID # or extract it from the config.vdf file in Steam after you configure the controller in Big Picture Mode 030000005e0400008e02000010010000,Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamepad (xpad) (Mac),a:b0,b:b1,y:b3,x:b2,start:b7,guide:b8,back:b6,leftstick:b9,rightstick:b10,leftshoulder:b4,rightshoulder:b5,dpup:h0.1,dpleft:h0.8,dpdown:h0.4,dpright:h0.2,leftx:a0,lefty:a1,rightx:a3,righty:a4,lefttrigger:a2,righttrigger:a5,
  6. Well, wherever the file is located (DF would know for sure; I don't have a Mac, I just found the info in another post), try the lines I put in the other post. Sorry, Cant even find "SDLGamepad.config"
  7. @buckysrevenge -No Doublefine map in Application Support/ and cant find any "SDLGamepad.config" @taumel did search the forums before i posted, but no luck. Thought I would raise some awareness to the developers with my question as well..
  8. Thanks for the reply taumel! Yes I have installed the driver, but no difference unfortunately. For example Rochard even works without the driver you pointed at. So it can be done and work flawlessly. I´m thinking... I bought a graphics prg called Sketch from Mac App Store. I´m able to download betas from their site and owerwrite the mac app store one, and it works fine cause it legit-checks it from Mac App Store. Wonder if one could do the same since the Steam version is ahead? And, are Double Fine planning to release an update with controller support for the Mac App Store version? Are the developers scanning these forums I wonder?
  9. Since xbox 360 controller (pc-wired) works on the steam version of Cave I presupposed it would work on the Mac App Store version as well, but it doesn't. So my question for the Double Fine team is, when will it work? Have you forum people got a workaround for it perhaps until its updated? Cheers! Jahaja
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