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  1. I'm... gonna have to be honest here and admit that I am a complete graphicwhore for this game... the art direction and the music grabbed me by the balls and didn't let go. I would have backed this project even if the gameplay is 24hrs of poking a giant amoeba with a stick. Sorry This probably isn't selling it well but I wanna be honest.
  2. The art for The Realm is so gorgeous... and we can never have too many point and click adventure... Right now the game isn't looking so hot, so please all you adventure lovers that backed Double Fine... consider looking at The Realm. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/995134339/the-realm-game At the very least take a look at the pitch, the beautiful art and memorably music is just ace.
  3. Hiya fellas, New slacker-backer and first post to boot. I literally became a slacker-backer initially just to watch the documentary; I enjoy productions like these when done professionally and thought the 30 bucks sink was worth it. I have no grand love affair with adventure games and have played less than a handful my entire life. Despite this, I found myself slowly falling in love with this game as I watch the documentary episodes. It was the art direction that pulled me in and there is literally a moment where everything just 'clicked' and I said 'wow I want to play this game'. This was when I saw the cloud puffing up when the girl protagonist dropped the egg. There is a sense of old school nostalgia flowing through the story concept, making me remember a more innocent age where science fantasy like 'A Princess of Mars' thrived and mixed the sensibility of fantasy with the rational creativity of sci-fi. I love it and am now glad I was able to help Double Fine make this possible. Anyways – enough with the ramble – naming the project: I nominated that REDS deserves a longer title, something that provides a clear descriptive on both worlds/protagonists and something to tie the two worlds together. I do not have a good enough imagination to create this so I'm going to leave a prototype here as food for thoughts and explain my reasoning. Here goes: The Warrior Princess and the Cosmic Explorer: A Tale of Parallel Lives. As previously stated, this title itself is kinda rubbish; it’s merely here to serve as an example to explain my proposal. • “Warrior Princess” – Girl protagonist descriptive. • “Cosmic Explorer” – Boy protagonist descriptive. • “A Tale of Parallel Lives” – The link that ties the 2 worlds together. As you can see, this title is extremely literal base on what we’ve been told of the plot so far. Mr Schafer, who knows the complete story would probably be able to create something much better. The girl is playing the role of the sacrifice – the role often associated in classic fantasy with the damsel in distress – and what is the prototypical damsel? A Princess! The fact that she fought back against her fate empowers her so we add a prefix that is suitably combative, hence: Warrior Princess. I deliberately use ‘antiquated’ character description to show that this is a ‘fantasy’ setting and to contrast it with the boy protagonist. The boy is even simpler; he lives in a spaceship –in space!- and his dearest wish is to experience change! He wants a break from the monotone of his daily life… And when he does do something to change his routine, he decides to go on an adventure! Cosmic Explorer – representing the boy’s extraterrestrial origin and his hunger and eventual ability and willingness to wander into the unknown. It is also a character description that is intended to contrast with the more traditional ‘warrior’ and ‘princess’ from the girl protagonist. Finally we have something that ties the 2 world together, this just sounds so cliche imo – but like I said I don’t have a great imagination so I just thought of the most literal description of the setting of this adventure game. A Tale of Parallel Lives; It is a tale of 2 characters in two very 2 contrasting worlds, but ultimately they are reaching for the same goal (parallel) which is to break free from the role society has placed on them. I hope my meager idea have provided some food for thoughts to everyone. Peace!
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