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  1. Downloaded it a few days ago. It's awesome, and so far I have 4 rare items that i have picked up from boss fights. The items are pretty useless because in store there are better items, but I have 2 vampire hats, an energy hat, and a superhero handbook volume 2. Im still looking for Mustafa jr, and kneecapper. The meteorites are what keep me playing because other than the bosses, i have something to do. Because I have all my four superheroes maxed out, all researched items - everything i need. The fire missions and 'stop the bus' missions are very annoying because they pop up a lot of times. And every time I stop the bus thats riding down the road, its the same man driving always. I think the city council just needs to fire him and get a better bus driver. Problem solved. But even though these missions are annoying, it's what you gotta do when you're a super hero I have 70k in cash, and 63 superium. I also have the 'new' glitch on the shop icon. It popped up when one of my superheroes finished a recipe that came with the update I forget what the recipe name was though. Anyways, great update.
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