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  1. Apart from the games themselves, the 2PP documentaries have been my favorite outcome of this adventure. Watching you and your team hard at work (and play!) has been truly inspirational. Were I to reinvent myself and pick a new career, I'd choose game development. (Oliver, I'm looking squarely at your job.) Should you share these with the world? Absolutely! There's so much to learn from watching them. And DFA aside, your company has an amazing heart that shines through in your work, ESPECIALLY in the docs. That alone is a wonderful thing to behold. Should you feel like you're taking something from us backers? No! As console gamers well know, exclusive doesn't mean forever. We're here to support you, not to take your firstborn. But thank you for asking. (Don't lower the VQ; they're gorgeous videos.)
  2. ReverendGumby

    Day 7

    You guys NAILED the problem of how to keep Bell in focus as the main character. Looks awesome!
  3. ReverendGumby

    Day 7

    You guys NAILED the problem of how to keep Bell in focus as the main character. Looks awesome!
  4. Speaking as (a mere atom of) the community, I'd love to have the camera perched over your collective shoulders and just watch the whole thing unfold, reveal and all. Watching the behind-the-scenes stuff satisfies my inside game developer. Thanks for the update!
  5. "Mostly yes," only because there were times when dialog would offer options that didn't make sense until later in the game. For example: "Can I have your green thing?" before you've figured out why you need a green thing. Otherwise, I was looking forward to an excellent story. In that regard the Act I finale blew my expectations out of the water.
  6. When you solve the Riddle of Yorn at the entrance to the Dead Eye Pyramid, during the cutscene that follows, the colors of the subtitles for the two guards (blue and green) are switched. Before and after this cutscene, the colors are correct.
  7. /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Broken Age/saves
  8. After Shay's ship comes "under attack" and Prima Doom becomes your new destination, talk to Marek. Select the first dialog option: "How are we going to get control of the ship's cargo boom arms?" Until you follow his directions and try to jump outside the airlock, you'll continue to see this dialog option. This is as expected, and serves as a useful reminder should you forget this subtask. However, if you're a button pusher like me, then you've already jumped outside the airlock -- while you were examining the foreign body during the story's beginning, before missions were cancelled and you first met Marek. In that case, after selecting the above dialog option, it is immediately replaced with: "The manual boom controls are beyond the reach of my air tether." The appearance of this new option is initially confusing -- especially before you've had the opportunity to explore the ship; find, revisit, and exit said airlock; and attempt to reach the cargo boom arms by jumping. Only thereafter does the change in dialog make sense. I feel that, before first meeting Marek, you're forced to visit a series of areas that are more fantasy than reality, and actions taken then should have no side effects. It's also disconcerting to have that initial dialog option -- the useful reminder -- vanish before you actually attempt Marek's request.
  9. You're very welcome. This game is the product of much love, and it shows in all aspects. Thank you, fellow backers! THANK YOU, TEAM REDS!
  10. Hear, hear! After following the documentaries and watching development progress in all of its varied directions, stumbles, and flourishes, it's amazingly satisfying to actually be _playing_ the game. It's on my computer and it works. I'm an hour into Shay's story. The visual and aural art are beautifully executed. The story is pacing nicely. My brain is engaged and asking questions. Tim's humorous dialog is keeping me grinning. And because Greg asked, I'm submitting (hopefully helpful) bug reports. Glitches will wither under my scrutiny.
  11. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch BrokenAge 2. In Options menu, set Full Screen to On 3. Press Command-Tab. Fullscreen gameplay window minimizes. 4. Click on minimized Broken Age window; not the BrokenAge app icon. In partial screenshot, this is immediately to the left of the trashcan. Results: 1. Fullscreen gameplay window restores. 2. Both system and game mouse cursors are visible, but neither move or respond to button presses. 3. Press Command-Tab: system cursor can now be moved. (Dunno what app has focus.) 4. Left-click OR Command-Tab: System cursor vanishes, game cursor can now be moved. Back to normal. (Whew!) Notes: At step 4, if the BrokenAge app icon is clicked instead, then the bug is not reproduced. Mac OS/X 10.8.5, MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2012 (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB). BrokenAge version 0.9.668743.
  12. I observed the same captioning positioning problem. The conversation option text reads "So that's a wolf suit? What are you… underneath?" Screenshot shows the clipped caption. Mac OS/X 10.8.5, MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2012 (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB). BrokenAge version 0.9.668743.
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