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  1. I'd like to also happily say my goodies too arrived on the 24th. They got hung up at the local post office and I wasn't notified for... stupid reasons. But they're here and I just picked them up! Can't wait to unpack 'em! [Edit: Oh my! The comic book is gorgeous - the cover, the paper, the inking, the smell (I can barely make out, curse my stuffy nose!! *sniffle* {Parentheses.}) And I think I have just the friend to share the trading cards with. Thank you again for these wonderful prizes!]
  2. #1 There once died a man Calavera He had neither skin nor hair-a; He fought with some beavers - Demonic bone weavers And drowned them in tar with flair-a. #2 Eddie's an excellent roadie And Kabbage Boy's whining abhored he; But his heart did mend, As they all met their end - A demise most gory and grody. (I just wanted to use the word 'grody' in a poem. My life is complete now.)
  3. Props to the interviewer, this is really good stuff! And Peter McConnell is a very nice man. Got a chance to talk to him once. Despite my being a nerd, he was amazing.
  4. But who will provide us with maniacal gaping mouthed grins from now on?
  5. You could get them at Ford Cruller's camp store, but I believe they are out of stock. So you're saying after I get a psi core from the camp store, I can once more search for psitanium ore and farm some more to up my score so with enough I can buy a torchfork from the er... camp stork? Unless they're out. Seriously though, I hope this thread doesn't just derail into nothing but jokes. Whether he accepts my apology or not is up to him of course, I just hope he gets to see it.
  6. Or even worse - a dead end job at the DOD! Thank you, KestrelPi! Again, in hindsight I figure as much. The internet is a scary place. But both I and the show's hosts (who had nothing to do with my faux pas, by the way) are big fans and have nothing but love and respect for the two-headed baby and our dear and glorious leader. Anytime we dry dock the Bone Wagon, we think of Tim. One of the hosts is also definitely among the original backers, unlike my slacker self. I just wanted to let Tim know there are people who care about the genre and the hard work and are making it more relevant in the twitch action game streaming world of today. Also wanted to voice my sympathies in such a difficult industry that I appreciate even more thanks to the documentary. Twitter. Not the place. Noted. Anyway, I'm sorry for wasting the community's time in such a selfish manner. Kestrel, if you need any info from me, I would love to provide it. [Edit: P.S. Where can I preorder one of those torchfork things you mentioned earlier?]
  7. Dear Mr. Schafer, I call you this, as I don't feel arrogant enough to presume on our friendship. Let me start off by saying that I love your games and own most of them, some of them even twice (Psychonauts and Grim Fandango hard copy + Steam copy). Grim Fandango is arguably my favorite game of all time, especially its natural and amazing dialog. My knowledge of the English language and sense of humor, as well as my appreciation for the arts have all been immensely improved as a child thanks to that particular game. (Not to mention Tony Plana's wonderful ad libs. I could go on and on...) I have been working on several fan projects, including a Bulgarian translation of Grim Fandango's dialog, struggling with the on point puns that don't exist in my language. I know most of the dialog by heart. I love Double Fine and all it stands for, the emphasis on creativity, the tightly knit team. The part in the documentary, Mr. Schafer, where you had to lay off 12 people broke my heart as I found myself filling with the same bitter tears I (think I) saw on your face. Amnesia Fortnight is so inspiring, all of this company's games are unique and artistic, valuing innovation, gameplay, style and ideas over polygon count. Having said all this, about a day ago I inadvertently upset, possibly even insulted one of my idols in life - @TimOfLegend. I don't think I will be able to sleep normally, unless I somehow right this wrong. There's this show I watch and also love called Mostly Walking, where three game designer friends sit down and play all the way through adventure games every week. It's probably the most promising genre, narratively, but it's also flawed. But they love it, and Tim Schafer has been praised many times - Grim Fandango, despite some frustrations, is one of the best games they've streamed. The show, however is pretty casual, as well as opinionated at times, but it gives an honest first time experience of a game, warts and all, and they don't take themselves very seriously. As I linked this show, in my infinite wisdom, I tried to find a representative video portion that would showcase this - they talked about loving Broken Age Act I, feeling heartbroken about Act II, feeling (as I did) something went wrong, comparing with difficulties they've had in the past, throwing around opinionated ideas, ultimately laughing at themselves for doing so and just being silly. They also praise Double Fine and the uniqueness of this company's games, which I resonate with deeply. Stacking is a personal favorite also. In hindsight feel like an utter idiot, and I don't know what I was thinking. There's no context, nothing... I had some worries the clip might be taken the wrong way, but knowing, Mr. Schafer, that you've stated you love Zero Puncuation, and considering the brutal things Yahtzee's said about the game, I told my self "Nah, it's 6-7 minutes, he'll see it to the end. And it's really not offensive, actually, right... I'll just preface it, just in case... 140 characters? Oh boy..." I am a socially awkward person, and this isn't the first time I've offended someone without wanting to... even the wording I pick sometimes ends up getting me into all sorts of trouble, causing me to obsess over it... Enough insane rambling about me... I guess what I really want to say is, I AM SO SO SORRY! I am not a troll, fairly inexperienced at Twitter and I hope you and everyone at Double Fine I may have also offended, can find it in your hearts to forgive me! ((((
  8. Dang. Now I love Khris even more. The level of compassion and understanding, and dedication this beautiful, beautiful woman has is amazing! And when she was talking about making the actor feel safe I found myself going "Yes! She gets it! She really, really gets it!" I sincerely and fervently hope with all my heart to someday have the honor of working with such wonderful people. And I wish the same to everyone else here. And everywhere for that matter. I know it's improbable, but I really want to believe!
  9. No, sorry. You are hereby expelled from the Bastards Brotherhood! Turn in your membership card and clear all your belongings by tomorrow!
  10. Anyone else experiencing Grandpa's arm animation skipping right after you offer him the cupcake? Specifically after his line here: - Split it with you? - Deal. This did not occur before the patch, I think. Also, I just noticed that in the scene where Meriloft is first revealed through the clouds, it's quite the ghost town in that shot (there's nobody there). Was that intended? Maybe to not waste resources? Or is that a glitch? Sorry I keep posting new threads like this, but I keep noticing little things... I know it's in the guidelines to post a new thread, but it just feels like spamming somehow...
  11. Vella's right eyebrow disappears for a second in the opening split screen. Also, I played just a few minutes now and it's awesome to already see some of the earlier stuff fixed! Great job, guys, keep it up!
  12. Btw, is it just me or is the knife also rendered in front of the clouds during that cutscene when she has it in her hand? I can never tell, but I always find my eye being drawn to the knife - as if it's more vivid, while Vella's more inside the clouds as it were.
  13. I love the game's art design and the animations are great. And the story is only beginning to unravel. Excellent music and great ambiance all around. The dialogue is funny, the voice acting is sweet. The Shellmound maidens' out of tune singing - oh my god! Some amazing laughs were had with this first act. Solving the Riddle of Yorn also had me in stitches. I could gush on like the nerd I am, but I shall try not to, for the sake of (relative) brevity. The things I'm going to mention now are rather minor, but the major point of testing is improvement. So, bring out the li'l chipperâ„¢ and let's chip away. I realize that some animations had to be recycled, for lack of time and resources required to implement unique ones for every single line of dialogue. I've already gotten used to Vella's weird little I'm-patting-the-air gesture. What I found a little more distracting on occasion, however, is a mismatch between an animation and the emotion it's meant to convey. Two jarring things that I still remember: 1. Car'l's frowny face when I talk to her immediately after making her drop her knife. She would change into a smile the moment she talked about anything I ask her and then jump glitch-like back to the frown as I'd go back to the dialogue tree. Even when you say goodbye and she goes "Ah! my work!" she smiles for a bit and then zaps back to frowning. (If you give her the ceremonial knife before you talk to her, that becomes irrelevant of course.) 2. M'ggie winking at me as she said "The shoe thing is all she's got." Works for "He only licks them.", doesn't work somehow for the mom line, I feel. A couple times Vella became cross-eyed when I switched directions. This was apparent especially when double clicking to another area (new screen) behind her. This would actually be funny to leave in. Plus, it happens rarely and doesn't break anything about the game. The transition between the forest and Shellmound seemed rather harsh and made things feel a little patchy. The way the credits scroll at the end is a little hard on the eyes. This post is falling apart. I don't like it. End it, man! Before it's too late! P.S. Would something similar to the dialogue transcript in Grim Fandango be too demanding to implement?
  14. I agree, the game was all in all quite engaging visually, auditorily, and storywise. And the fact that they've made it available to so many platforms is astonishing! The only part I didn't get after the big ending is why [[spoilerS]] the ship looked differently in both worlds. I'm sure it will be revealed to be some kind of cloaking mechanism though. It only fills my head with more questions, but in a good way. Wil Wheaton as the hipster lumberjack was totally unexpected and an awesome nerd treat! Can't wait for Act II and its promise of a higher puzzle difficulty curve.
  15. Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I was just taken aback that somebody would take the time to label every room on paper. And other people agreeing and defending such design, as if such a requirement would actually be fun. I mean, if a puzzle forced me to have to write something down like that, I would probably agree. Unless it's specifically a maze puzzle. Anyway, didn't mean to be mean. Sorry.
  16. Continuing, since there's a 3 attachments per message cap. I didn't want to use an external image upload site, and it's too late to start now. When Vella examines the mail box at Curtis' house, she teleports from the back layer into the middle one. Once her animation and dialogue line are done, she reverts back to the previous layer. [velleporting.jpg] Here's my DxDiag: http://txt.do/1oai (had to use an online service, since I can't upload it here.) Let me know if you want me to email you some saves. P.S. I'm running SLI. But I don't think turning that off has any effect.
  17. Throughout the game, I've noticed a few artifacts that flicker over the screen, and some scaling issues as well. BEWARE, for herein lie SPOILERS! The first one was a neck popping up in front of the head on someone in Vella's home. Since I can't seem reproduce it or find where it was anymore, I'll assume that one's fixed. The stove flickers in a funky way after Vella says "Hello?" in the dark room. [stove flicker.jpg] The ladder's hooks disappear when she climbs in the snooty bird's nest. They reappear as soon as the climb-down animation starts. [disappearing hooks.jpg] The bucket you put on the tree's "nose" disappears if you skip the animation (only works mid-sentence). It reappears after several seconds. [dissappearing bucket1.jpg] [dissappearing bucket2.jpg] I also inadvertently screenshotted another flicker after the bucket reappeared - look at Vella's eyebrows in the second frame - yikes!
  18. Diagrams? Are you kidding me... All you need is not to go back in the same teleporter, but use the other ones. And just save the correct one for last. That's it. Tim's games are not known for making you pull out your notebook or load an old save, just to get a piece of information that will never show up again. Let's face it, we all get stuck sometimes. (For example, embarrassingly, I got stuck on the train ride, thinking it was something in my inventory that I needed to progress. Thankfully there was that hint after a while. ) But we need to acknowledge when it's our fault, and when it's poor design. In this case, there's nothing wrong with the puzzle itself.
  19. I got the same "bed bug" on my Windows 7 x64 system. I ended up playing through Vella's part completely without switching, then started with Shay, got stuck (believe it or not) on the train ride for a while and decided just to see if I can switch back to Vella, since I still had the icon in my inventory. I ended up with Shay standing upright on top of his bed and stuck in a smiling idle animation - this also broke the save file itself to always load Shay in that position, no matter which character I picked. No amount of clicking anywhere made the game respond. I'm not sure a DxDiag would be of use, as it doesn't seem to be a platform based issue.
  20. Is that excitement I feel rising in my pants? (Edit) P.S.: Or, you know, *ahem*, the 13th would also be nice... some of us have birthdays then too...
  21. Such a great episode! As an actor wannabe, it's always rewarding to get insight into the process of voice over work. It looks like a ton of fun! I especially love how involved Khris and Tim are in the process. Lots of good direction on tap. And Khris Brown is just so much lovelier than her more popular namesake (which isn't really saying much). She's also smiley. I like smiley people. And that laugh at 12:10 is both adorable and terrifying. Also, I need to stop talking about her. Hooray for the polishing phase! And for not demoing the game on PAX! "You have chosen... wisely." I am super excited about the game, even more so that it's now beginning to look more and more like a finished thing! Can't wait to play the future beta! I'll wait as long as it takes! P.S.: I gotta agree with some of the other backers here - at this point we just have to hear Frank's blowjob story.
  22. Yippee! Can't wait to see Mr. McConnell's work from a new perspective! Glad to hear the girl part is coming along nicely and ahead of schedule. Hopefully the voice over parts of the episode won't give too much away, other than the actual process and a bit of the cast. I wish I could be there at PAX and catch you guys. Kinda makes me sad that I live so far away. Now if only I could hitchhike across the Atlantic... Is there such a thing as "plane surfing"? Hmm... maybe I could swim across... or burrow a tunnel under the Earth. Oh, I know - I'll just teleport! That way I won't have to deal with airline security!
  23. I have to say, the documentary has been a fascinating ride so far. It's one thing to hear or read about the pressures and challenges that go into making a game, it's something different altogether to get a peek at the actual discussions that are involved. The interviews with the team members and leads, the decision processes, Tim's insane writing schedule, the art, the tech, and even the stories of how a lot of you guys got into video game development have given me a new appreciation of how much work and love are put into these projects. Also each and every one of you is an extraordinary person. I'm sure there's a ton of footage we'll never get to see, stuff that's probably not pretty, like the virgin/goat sacrifices and orgies in Tim's name, but the extent to which everything's transparent without necessarily spoiling the game is astonishing, and I for one would say - money damn well spent! I try to pledge a couple bucks every month when I can - right now I missed a month or two, 'cause it can be a little hard when you get paid in BGN. I don't care about backer merch that much - what matters is supporting the project. The solution to split the game into two acts can unfortunately be a double edged sword, in that it opens up some new problems, not least of which is wrapping up the first act in a coherent and meaningful way for both story arcs (to say nothing of the fact that act two rides in no small measure on the financial success of act one). I know it must be more than a little uneasy for the Broken Age team and for Double Fine in general at such times. But I'm confident that we will all see it through and end up with an excellent game! For you are not alone. We are many. We are strong. We will show the infidels what adventure games are capable of! (So, y'know... no pressure.)
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