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  1. That's an interesting idea, but I have no idea how mod-able that engine is. I would almost think, if it were going to be a community project, that people would be better off going with an engine that has been proven to be extensively mod-able, like the Mount&Blade; engine, or source, something like that, where there's already an incredible amount of documentation on how to do what would need to be done. All that said, however, you'd need to get a lot of talented people to agree to help for free, essentially, since you'd need programmers as well as people who could generate the art. You'd basically be making a new game entirely.
  2. Yeah, I had just really hoped that if they did another kickstarter it would be Brazen. I think the community would really support a game like that, especially since that gameplay niche is woefully underrepresented on the PC.
  3. It's pretty awesome, but that mention of Brazen, in that context, makes me think that we're probably never going to see it. Anyone else have an opinion?
  4. I was just rewatching the giantbomb footage of this game and thinking about how much I want to play it on my PC. Has there been any word on whether it's going to be developed since November or December?
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